Bernina 1530 & 1630 Roller Ball Sockets

1530 & 1630 Roller Ball SocketIf you are the proud owner of a Bernina 1530 or 1630, there may come a time when your cursor no longer moves up and down, or left and right. There are typically two reasons why this might occur. The main circuit board, or “S-print” as Bernina likes to call it, may have something wrong with it, but more likely you just need to have the roller ball socket replaced.

The image to the above-right shows a roller ball socket. Click on it if you’d like to see a larger view. What you should notice is a couple of tiny axles which go through white tire-like contact points. These white “tires” are what contacts the roller ball itself. When these tires get old and damaged by contaminants and oils from your hands, then they no longer make a good contact with the roller ball itself.

Fortunately, these roller ball sockets ( Bernina part number 007515.71.00 ) are not really expensive. Installation is something that your local Bernina dealer will have to do, but should not take longer than an hour or hour and a half.

If the roller ball socket is not the problem, you will need to have your S-print sent to Bernina for repair. This can take a couple of weeks, including shipping time to and from Bernina.

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Deadra Lore on 3/8/12 @ 2:32pm

Thank you so much for the informative website! Your customer service is awesome - you are so friendly and helpful!!

TeresaC on 10/26/12 @ 7:04pm

Super! This is my problem today after having stored my machine for the past 7 years. It may be stiff for a while, I'll see if the problem continues.

lynne on 3/12/16 @ 3:43pm

my model 1530 Bernina is stuck in reverse

b.gottier on 3/15/16 @ 2:17pm

Lynne, you'll need to bring the machine to your local sewing machine technician. This problem could be caused by a number of issues, and none are the type of issues you could fix on your own.

Viola breen on 8/26/16 @ 6:44am

If the ball has been replaced by certified tech (fl.)is 1530 still ok?rarely used anymore.
Age related eye threading problem .90 yrs(feels like 50)

b.gottier on 8/26/16 @ 8:30pm

We can't really say if a machine is OK without checking it out. If you're thinking about selling the machine and want to be able to claim that it's fully functional, you should have it serviced and checked by a sewing machine technician.

Pat Wester on 6/19/16 @ 6:45pm

I had a problem with the roller ball on my 1530 as you describe (cursor wouldn't move). My dealer's technician checked it out and said it was the circuit board. At the cost of $300, he sent it to the company and they replaced the board. That was 2 1/2 years ago and all seemed fine with the machine. Recently, I started to have this problem. The machine will "blink" and all the settings revert to the default. At first this was an occasional thing and I thought it might be caused by our electric company having hiccups. But today it happened several times in a row. Could this be a problem with the circuit board that was replaced?

b.gottier on 6/20/16 @ 8:20am

It could be, but it could be with the power board as well. There are two main boards in your machine, the power board (L-print) and main board (S-print). If I were you I'd ask your dealer to send the entire machine to Bernina, that way they can do whatever it takes to make it right.

Pat Wester on 6/21/16 @ 6:56pm

Thanks for the reply. I love this machine but I hesitate to spend more money on repairs. My dealer said that when the circuit board was replaced, the machine would last me for the rest of my life. Maybe he was being sarcastic since I'm 69 years old and the "rest of my life" is a time frame that is in question at this age!

b.gottier on 6/22/16 @ 9:42am

Honestly, I never liked the 1530 and 1630 machines because of the roller ball, so it would be easy for me to tell you to get something else. One of the great things about older Bernina machines is their resale value is usually pretty good. Perhaps if you sell it you could buy something new?

Betty on 7/14/16 @ 8:35pm

I emailed a dealer and he said the roller ball (cursor) would be 300.00and 30.00 labor does that sound right it seams like lot to me pleas let me know .thanks b roe

b.gottier on 7/15/16 @ 12:45pm

Seems about right, except the labor seems a bit on the cheap side.

SunDevil Knitter on 2/16/17 @ 2:43pm

Just had my roller ball and a circuit replaced. It was done at the Aurora ,IL center. Quoted $600. Charged $806.00. Dealer used is in Crown Point,IN.

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