Bernina Classic Line Feed Dog Upgrade

Bernina Sewing Machine Feed DogIt’s been a long time since I did a feed dog upgrade on a Bernina, but this week I did one for an Artista 170 owner. The “Classic Line” machines, like the 130, 140, 150 and 160, can still benefit from this upgrade, which is currently covered by Bernina warranty.

There was a problem with the original feed dog, shown to the upper right. This one-piece feed dog had problems that made the feed dog height lose it’s adjustment. The new two-piece feed dog is better, and should help keep your feed consistent.

Bernina’s part number for the feed dog kit, which comes with some other parts needed for the replacement, is 030225.70.00. An instruction sheet comes packaged with the replacement parts, and installation takes under an hour.

We do normally charge for installation. Current charge is $49.00.

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Rose Teal on 1/17/13 @ 5:23pm

I would like very much to know the card numbers for the Benina and Janome embroidery machines. Thank you kindly, Rose Teal

b.gottier on 1/17/13 @ 5:32pm

Hi Rose. What do you mean by card numbers?

monique on 5/19/13 @ 5:21am

I own the Bernina Virtuosa 150. (1998) How can I tell my feed dogs have this problem? How can I notice a difference? Can I still have a warranty replacement? Is DIY an option if instructions are clear?

b.gottier on 5/20/13 @ 3:46pm

If you take off your needle plate and look at the feed dogs, the older type is a one piece assembly and connects with arm that goes around the right towards the feed dog drive cams. The newer version is a two piece assembly, and screws fasten the feed dogs to the arm. The feed dogs themselves may still be covered under warranty, but you will need to check with your local Bernina dealer, because Temecula Valley Sewing Center is no longer a Bernina dealer. If you're near Temecula, we still have the upgrade kits, but we charge for the parts and installation. Due to the nature of the upgrade being advanced in terms of skill level required, you may or may not be able to replace the feed dogs. We can sell you the kit if you like, and it comes with instructions, but we do not accept returns on Bernina parts.

Derla Lehnherr on 7/14/13 @ 8:04pm

Thank you so much for the information in your blog. I have a question regarding my Bernina aurora 430 limited edition. My dealer has told me that the limited edition is better than a regular edition. and he has contradicted himself, telling me it doesn't have as many features as a regular edition. Just what is the difference between a limited edition and a non-limited edition?

b.gottier on 7/19/13 @ 6:38am

As far as I know the difference in many of the limited edition models is only cosmetic. Remember though, we are no longer a Bernina dealer, and Bernina themselves would be the best ones to contact regarding questions about their machines.

Jordan Sisk on 5/13/14 @ 11:12pm

I know this is an old post, but are these kits still available? I don't have a Bernina dealer close to me but my machine (an Activa 140) is starting to have issues with the feed dogs being out of alignment. I can't find any sort if info about that part number online other than this page. If you don't have any, I guess I'll be in for a road trip!


b.gottier on 5/14/14 @ 9:44am

Jordan, I don't have any left in stock, but I'm sure a Bernina dealer could order this kit for you. We are no longer a Bernina dealer. The trouble is, even with the provided instruction sheet, it's not likely that you would be able to install the kit. It's pretty tricky. I think you are better off shipping your machine to a Bernina dealer.

Jed on 3/26/19 @ 12:53pm

Will this feed dog work for a Bernina Activa 130?

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