Janome Feet For Your Bernina

Janome sole on your Bernina snap-on shankDid you know that with Bernina’s snap-on shank, you can use Janome feet on your Bernina? Not many Bernina models come with the snap-on shank, but it can be purchased as an accessory from your local Bernina store. The snap-on shank’s part number is 006082.73.00.

The snap-on shank that we tested here at Temecula Valley Sewing Center was the one that comes with the Bernina B 330. The foot, or sole that we used was one of the ones for Janome horizontal rotary hook type machines. When browsing the foot selection at your local Janome dealer, you will see that many of the feet are labeled accordingly.

The snap-on shank will fit most Bernina machines made in the last 15 years. If your machine takes the Bernina “white package” feet, then the snap-on shank will fit on it. This would include, but is not limited to the following models:

125, 130, 131, 135, 140, 145, 150, 153, 155, 163, 165, 170, 180, 200, 210, 220, 230, 240,  430, 440, 450, 630, 640, and 730.

Keep in mind that most Janome feet accommodate a 7mm stitch width. This may be more narrow or wider than your Bernina machine can handle. Most Bernina oscillating hook machines have a 5.5 milimeter stitch width, and most Bernina rotary hook machines have a 9 milimeter stitch width.

If you already own a Janome sewing machine and the bobbin loads from the top rather than through the front of the machine, you have a horizontal rotary hook type machine.

Janome feet that are labeled to fit oscillating hook type machines will most likely not work well with the Bernina snap-on shank. Also, Janome feet, like their walking feet and darning feet, will not fit the Bernina snap-on shank. Please remember, whenever you are trying to fit a presser foot to your machine, make sure to turn the handwheel by hand to ensure that the needle and needle clamp are not striking the shank or foot.

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M on 8/29/11 @ 6:59pm

I have both Janome and Bernina machines. I was under the impression that feet of the horizontal hook of the Janome would not be compatible with the vertical oscillating hook of the Bernina because they are different hook systems. But what you are saying is it is only the width of the feed dogs are the key difference? Of course the 5.5mm feed of my Bernina 240 is narrower than the 7mm feed of my Janome 6600 so the needle positions would not move beyond allowed width of the Bernina. Does that mean the snap-on shank adapter places the foot in the correct position so the Bernina needle slides into the slot of the Janome foot! I have a ton of Janome feet including some that Bernina does not produce like the Janome Applique foot - that little plastic foot is my favorite and I am about to start a large applique project so it that foot will work on my 240 then I will be a very happy quilter indeed!

b.gottier on 8/30/11 @ 7:44am

M, yes, we are using Janome feet on our Bernina machines when we want to, and Bernina's snap-on shank makes it possible. Keep in mind that some feet, and I believe that the applique foot might be one, won't fit the snap-on shank because they have a second post that holds the sole stationary when snapped on to the Janome shank. Do you know what I mean? If you buy a Bernina snap-on shank, you really don't have anything to lose. As long as the Janome sole fits on the Bernina shank, you can use it on your Bernina!

Mark on 9/10/11 @ 8:21am

I have a Bernina 150QE and a 180e and was intrigued by your post about some of the Janome feet being adaptable to the Bernina through the snap-on shank. I went to the Janome website and was interested in the Border Guide Foot (Part Number: 200434003) and the Rotary Even Foot (Part Number: 3237777)

Would either (or both) of these feet work with my machines?

b.gottier on 9/10/11 @ 10:26am

Mark, I put these feet on my Bernina 450, and noticed that the alignment of the slot where the needle penetrates is a little different. The Rotary Even Foot seemed to be fine, but the Border Guide Foot seemed to have almost zero clearance between the needle and foot. That led me to check other feet, and it seems that the position of the hole/slot in the foot varies. When looking at my machine's front-to-back needle position, it seems like it is pushed back farther than most, practically touching the needle plate, so I think it's my machine, and not the feet. If you are interested to try these feet on your machine before buying them, come to the shop with your machines and we can sit and sew.

Sue Harle on 10/2/12 @ 9:36am

I have a Bernina 1530. Will I be able to use a snap on shank with this machine and so therefore also use my Janaome feet?

linda young on 10/31/16 @ 3:09am

Hi, this is fantastic news. I have a selection of machines of which is a Janome. I also have a Pfaff Creative 3. Do you think the Pfaff feet will fit the Bernina adaptor?


b.gottier on 11/1/16 @ 4:16pm

Because you're asking about Pfaff, I really can't say. I think it's worth a try.

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