Making The Connection: Bernina 730 & Windows 7

Bernina Software CertifiedAs a Bernina dealer, you’d think that I should know everything about Bernina software. I am software certified by Bernina, but there’s no way that I could know about all of the installation problems that are associated with the software. Many of these problems are unique to a specific computer or operating system.

Recently, one of our customers purchased Bernina Embroidery Software V6. I installed it for her, and during installation, the installer kindly let me know that ActiveSync was not compatible with Windows 7. My customer had a 64-bit computer, but Windows 7 32-bit may also have this problem.

ActiveSync is a Microsoft product, and Bernina has been using it to connect the Bernina 730 and 200 to computers that have their software products installed. Since it can’t be installed on Windows 7, I figured that Bernina must have included a different solution, but after installation the Bernina Embroidery Software V6 would not make the connection to my customer’s Bernina 730.

The solution ended up being rather easy. I downloaded Microsoft’s Mobile Device Center 6.1. Once installed, the Bernina 730 was easily connected, and designs could be transferred.

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Kristina Lowe on 9/1/14 @ 7:07am

I have my grandmothers bernina record 730 sewing machine and I over tightened the needle clamp and it snapped. I then proceeded to drill the remaining part of the screw out of the clamp, and subsequently went too far due to stupidity and lack of light, and damaged the needle bar. I have been searching high and low all over the internet for months now, to find replacement parts. I have found the needle clamp and screw, but cannot find the needle bar anywhere. Please help me to locate a needle bar that will fit my dear grandmothers bernina record machine. I have so much I need to get sewed, and cannot. I hope you can help. Kind regards, Kristina.

b.gottier on 9/16/14 @ 12:46am

Kristina, I'm sorry to hear about your machine. Your only hope would be to find somebody that has a parts machine, as the 730 parts availability is not good.