New Bernina 5-Series Machines

Bernina's New B550 QE Sewing MachineBernina University XLI was in San Antonio, Texas last week. Bernina dealers from around the world went to see what was new and exciting in the high-end world of Bernina’s sewing and embroidery machines. While Bernina did not announce a new top of the line machine, they showed dealers the new 5-Series machines that will be out soon.

It’s common that a sewing machine manufacturer will drop sewing machines from their line, and with the introduction of the new B530, B550 QE, and B580, Bernina is going to drop the Aurora 430, Aurora 440, and Artista 640. What I find interesting is that Bernina is dropping three embroidery capable machines, but only adding one. The B530 and B550 QE will not feature embroidery capability. Bernina is keeping the Aurora 450 in it’s line of machines, so if you’ve had your eye on an Aurora machine, don’t worry, Bernina still has one for you.

Bernina's New B580 Sewing MachineThe B530 and B550 QE machines should be available soon, while the B580 will be out later this year. Our regional dealer training on the B580 is in late September, and Bernina said they may or may not have the machines for us to take back to our stores. Whenever they are released, we’ll be sure to keep you posted.

UPDATE 8/11/2011

Bernina has made a 5-Series product guide available. If you are interested, download the product guide as an Adobe PDF document by clicking HERE.

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Janice Williams on 8/4/11 @ 10:22am

I'd be more excited about getting the B580 if Bernina bobbins were not so over-priced, leading me to believe that all of their merchandise is over-priced. I was at my local dealer with a friend who has a 730, and her bobbins were priced at $3.60 each! That's about what I pay for a ten-pack for my Brother machine.

b.gottier on 8/4/11 @ 10:25am

Janice, Bernina has had a lot of price increases lately. The truth is, our American dollar is just not worth as much as the Swiss currency.

Sharon on 9/7/11 @ 12:39pm

Our American dollar may not be worth as much as Swiss currency, but many of Bernina's accessories are manufactured in Asia (Thailand) why aren't those savings being passed along to the consumer? Instead Bernina rakes in larger profits.

Anthony on 11/11/11 @ 12:52pm

Interest in the Bernina B580, anyone know the price.

b.gottier on 11/11/11 @ 2:55pm

The price varies from dealer to dealer. You should visit your local Bernina dealer.

Wes Andre on 3/13/12 @ 4:32pm

Don't blame Bernina for escalating prices. Blame Obama for driving federal debt to mind numbing levels and printing dollars 24/7, thus diluting and depreciating the dollar. With Obama printing money as fast as he can to finance his leftist nightmare dreams, all our money is becoming worthless. You must know what to do when election day comes around this November, to save the country and our family's futures!

b.gottier on 3/15/12 @ 12:19am

Wes, I don't blame Bernina, and I'm no fan of Obama, Democrats, Republicans, or politicians in general. November may bring something new for leadership of our country, but I have a feeling it will just be more of the same heartburn for the average citizen.

Linda on 1/25/13 @ 7:13pm

Problem with brand new Bernina 580 and can't seem to be diagnosed or fixed! The machine reads bobbin out of thread while doing an embroidery design. With a 27 minute design, it stopped over 100 times. It's been adjusted but still it persists. I wish it could be resolved, wether it be the machine or the operator! My first Bernina and I question why did I buy Bernina. If you buy, make sure you check the warranty!

Verena on 9/12/13 @ 3:53am

Hi, I have the same problem with my machine. Have you found a solution for it. They had to replace the screen because of stripes in it and now it's even worse with the stopping.

JBeber on 5/12/13 @ 5:04am

Is the 830 still the top of the line or is the 580?

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