Some Bernina Covers Cracking / Replaced Under Warranty

Front Cover - Bernina 440

Front Cover – Bernina 440

For the last year or so I’ve seen a lot of Bernina machines coming in for service with cracked front cover mounts. On many of these machines, there was only one or two cracked mounts, but there are only five mounts, so having even one cracked is a big deal! If your front cover feels loose, your machine may have cracked front cover mounts, and you should bring the machine in for service, because the front cover is now covered under warranty.

The new front covers are being made of a new material, and the cover is supplied with new screws. Optimum fastening to the frame will now be ensured.

New front covers are available for the following Bernina models:

  • Aurora 430 – 450
  • Artista 630
  • Artista 640

Please note that machines produced after March of 2010 would have these new covers, so if you want to buy a new Bernina, there’s no reason to worry about this issue.

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debbie wooten on 6/19/11 @ 10:19am

My front cover is cracking on my 430. Is this covered under warranty by Bernina? I live Panama City and need to know.

b.gottier on 6/19/11 @ 8:07pm

Yes, the cover is covered under warranty. Bring or send your machine to your local dealer for replacement. You will have to pay for installation, but you should not have to pay for the cover itself.

E. wilson on 6/28/18 @ 1:03pm

I found this article quite interesting. Is this a flaw they have found? My mother's machine 440QE was purchased in 2007. This week I noticed the front bottom cover moving left and right as it sewed. My husband found broken plastic pieces inside. Would the cover be under warranty. I am in Canada and purchased machine from a Bernina dealer. Thank you

Sandy Gallagher on 2/5/19 @ 4:45pm

Have a Bernina 440. In 2013 front covers replaced under warranty twice - January and October. Sewing last week poof ! Butoons disappeared into cover once again. Take for repair and front covers to be replaced for third time ????? Will Bernina do this at their expense ? Obviously an on going problem

b.gottier on 2/6/19 @ 2:04pm

Hi Sandy. We haven't been a Bernina dealer for a few years, so your question is not something that I can answer. I suggest contacting your local dealer, or Bernina directly.

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