Beginning Quilting Farm Sampler – Session #7

Farm Sampler Quilt Class
Starting time: 7/25/18 at 9:30am
Ending time: 7/25/18 at 12:30pm

The Beginning Quilting Farm Sampler is a slightly different take on the original Beginning Quilting 10-Week Series. If you would like to learn to quilt, learning techniques from someone with more than 45+ years experience, or if you’ve dabbled with quilting and would like to hone your skills, the Beginning Quilting Farm Sampler just might be the series for you. During this comprehensive 10-session series expect to learn everything from fabric selection, the best tools to use, perfecting your quarter-inch seam, completing the project, and ultimately leaving with your finished quilt at the end of the tenth session.

Because Beginning Quilting is geared toward true beginners, class size is limited to six, although we require a minimum of four people to start any new series. That said, if you and three of your friends would like to learn to quilt, let us know and we can tailor a set/series of classes especially for your group. When you are ready to register and find that the series you are interested in pursuing is not available, you may ask that your name be placed on our waiting list, and we will let you know when we have enough interest to start a class at a particular time of day and week that you are available.

There is usually a 3-4 week break between sessions 9th and 10th. This break provides each student 3-4 weeks to quilt their finished quilt top, with the final session covering binding the quilt.

The series is organized as to presenting techniques. As the weeks progress, the techniques become more challenging. Below is a list of techniques presented.

Session 1 Color, Quilting Terminology, Straight Stitch Piecing
Session 2 Making Half Square Triangle Units
Session 3 Making Quarter Square Triangle Units
Session 4 Drafting, Making, and Using Templates
Session 5  Paper Piecing
Session 6 Constructing a Barn and Little Houses
Session 7 Curved Piecing and Applique
Session 8 Squaring The Blocks and Assembling The Quilt Top
Session 9 Quilting – Straight Line and Free Motion
Session 10 Binding Your Masterpiece


Please note: Sessions do not always run on consecutive weeks, meaning that there are times when a week may be skipped. The total duration of time it takes to make it through the series is often 15 or 16 weeks. We cannot guarantee that all sessions in the series will be finished on a specific date.

Class Details

Taught by: Aileen Woerth
Class fee: $150.00 (includes all 10 sessions)
Pattern: $15.00
Supplies: Standard quilting supplies required
Fabric: Not included
Machine: Bring your own