Beginning Sewing – Session #1

Starting time: 1/7/19 at 9:30am
Ending time: 1/7/19 at 12:30pm

During this 10-week series, you will have the opportunity to learn much about sewing while making a spectacular two piece pajama bottom and top set. Although you may not be a beginner, your instructor will presume you know absolutely nothing about sewing and present basic sewing principles plus numerous time saving short cuts involved with sewing. At the end of the series, if you have attended class and constructed your projects as presented, you will have learned the basic fundamentals of sewing and will have the ability to read, understand and construct most patterns. Techniques are scheduled and listed below.

  • Session 1 – Sewing Terminology and Taking Measurements
  • Session 2 – Drafting Pattern and Cutting Pattern Pieces
  • Session 3 – Altering Pattern, Placement of Pattern Pieces on Fabric and Cutting Fabric
  • Session 4 – Beginning Pajama Pant Construction
  • Session 5 – Continuing Pajama Pant Construction
  • Session 6 – Completing Pajama Pant and Beginning Pajama Top Construction
  • Session 7 – Construct Collar, sew to Pajama Top, Add Sleeves
  • Session 8 – Finish Attaching Collar and Sleeves to Pajama Top
  • Session 9 – Hem Pajama Top, Complete Finishing Stitches
  • Session 10 – Add Buttonholes/Buttons and Stitch Pocket to Pajama Top

Please note: Sessions do not always run on consecutive weeks, meaning that there are times when a week may be skipped. The total duration of time it takes to make it through the series is often 12 or 13 weeks. We cannot guarantee that all sessions in the series will be finished on a specific date but you will have 10 sessions scheduled.

Class Details

Taught by: Aileen Woerth
Class fee: $150.00 (includes all 10 sessions)
Pattern: Carolyn Pajamas - $20.00 (Extra)
Supplies: Standard sewing supplies required
Fabric: Not included
Machine: Bring your own.