Let’s Spin A Four Session Series – Session #1

Lets Spin Quilt
Starting time: 8/7/18 at 9:30am
Ending time: 8/7/18 at 12:30pm

Join Aileen for four weeks of cutting sewing, cutting again, sewing again, and finally, at the end of Session #4, completing your very own Let’s Spin quilt top. The Let’s Spin quilt appears to have pinwheel blocks spinning through the top, although pinwheel blocks are not actually constructed. Block placement creates the pinwheel blocks that spin throughout the quilt.

This series is structured for students who have already completed a 10-week Beginning Quilting series. Although instructions will be given and the Let’s Spin pattern is required, there will not be time to cover basic cutting and piecing techniques that are covered in the Beginning Quilting 10-Week series. Before attending Session #1, students will need to do some pre-cutting at home. As soon as you have registered for the series, you will be given a supply list and initial cutting instructions.

Class Details

Registration Fee: $80.00
Let's Spin Pattern: $11.00

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