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Appomattox Quilt - Session #1

Appomattox Quilt
Class starts: 5/28/15 at 1:00pm
Class ends: 5/28/15 at 4:00pm

Although the original sample for this pattern was made using Civil War reproduction fabrics, we have found that it lends itself well to almost any type of fabric. The pieced blocks go together quickly – and they are a great way to perfect your quarter inch seams. Because the pieced blocks alternate with solid blocks, the entire top, including borders could easily be completed in our three week series. The registration fee is $50.00 and the Appomattox pattern from Blue Underground Studios, Inc. is required. Each session meets from 1:00pm – 4:00pm each week. The class dates are listed below.

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Beginning Sewing - Session #1

Beginning Sewing
Class starts: 6/1/15 at 1:00pm
Class ends: 6/1/15 at 4:00pm

During this 10-week series, you will have the opportunity to learn much about sewing while making a spectacular two piece pajama set. Although you may not be a beginner, your instructor will presume you know absolutely nothing about sewing and present basic sewing principles plus numerous time saving short cuts involved with sewing. At the end of the series, if you have attended class and constructed your projects as presented, you will have learned the basic fundamentals of sewing and will have the ability to read, understand and construct most patterns. Techniques are scheduled and listed below.

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Star Sprinkles Quilt - Session #1

The Star Sprinkles Quilt
Class starts: 7/2/15 at 1:00pm
Class ends: 7/2/15 at 4:00am

The Star Sprinkles Quilt from Atkinson Designs is made by alternating two simple blocks, and can be made using fat quarters or yardage. During this 3-week series, Aileen will show you how easy it is to make stars without ever cutting a triangle. Using planned colors or the fabrics you have in your stash, this simple quilt is stunning to behold. Add a border or two at the end to increase the size of your quilt or to highlight one or more fabrics. The registration fee for this 3-week series is $50.00 and the Star Sprinkles Pattern is required. Each session meets from 1:00pm – 4:00pm each Thursday. The exact dates are listed below.

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