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Beginning Sewing - Session #6

Beginning Sewing
Class starts: 7/6/15 at 1:00pm
Class ends: 7/6/15 at 4:00pm

During this 10-week series, you will have the opportunity to learn much about sewing while making a spectacular two piece pajama set. Although you may not be a beginner, your instructor will presume you know absolutely nothing about sewing and present basic sewing principles plus numerous time saving short cuts involved with sewing. At the end of the series, if you have attended class and constructed your projects as presented, you will have learned the basic fundamentals of sewing and will have the ability to read, understand and construct most patterns. Techniques are scheduled and listed below.

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Beginning Quilting - Session #6

Beginning Quilting Quilt
Class starts: 7/8/15 at 9:30am
Class ends: 7/8/15 at 12:30pm

Would you like to learn to quilt? Have you taken other classes but would like to hone your skills? Join us for this comprehensive 10-session class and learn everything from the dos and don’ts of fabric selection, the best ways to use your tools, perfecting your quarter-inch seam, setting your blocks, adding borders, quilting your quilt, and ultimately binding your masterpiece.

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Snaps and Pops Quilt

Snaps and Pops Quilt
Class starts: 8/6/15 at 1:00pm
Class ends: 8/6/15 at 4:00pm

Aileen will present Snaps and Pops, a very easy quilt, from Cozy Quilt Designs, in a 3-part series. The first session will cover cutting and some piecing. The second session will cover piecing and constructing the quilt top. Session #3 will cover completing the quilt top, borders, and recommendations for quilting and binding. The registration fee for Snaps and Pops is $60.00. The Snaps and Pops pattern is required for the series. When it comes to fabric selection, Snaps and Pops is so versatile. Whether you choose batik fabrics, reproduction era fabrics, floral fabrics, novelty fabrics, etc., you will love the way the thin strip between the block parts works to pull the quilt together. Each session is held on Thursday, from 1PM – 4PM. As always, space is limited.

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Cactus Wreath Quilt - Session #1

Cactus Wreath Quilt by Cozy Quilt Designs
Class starts: 10/29/15 at 1:00pm
Class ends: 10/29/15 at 4:00pm

Join Aileen for a 3-part series to create the Cactus Wreath quilt. The Cactus Wreath pattern, from Cozy Quilt Designs, includes fabric requirements for a large wall hanging, a throw, and a queen size quilt. Cactus Wreath is a stunning quilt and an instant favorite. Perfect for Christmas, or any time of the year, this beautiful design starts with a medallion and grows from there. The Wall Hanging quilt is just the center wreath. The Throw includes the red border (pictured.) The Queen size quilt includes an additional border (not pictured.) Although the pattern reflects a quilt in traditional Christmas colors, consider a different color pallet to reflect your personality and/or the color scheme of your home.

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