Toucan Embroidery DesignEmbroidery is certainly in the spotlight when it comes to what is hot in the world of sewing, and Temecula Valley Sewing Center is dedicated to you as an embroiderer. Altogether, we carry over 75,000 designs, many of which are in stock every day through our Embroidery Design Studio system. We have advanced embroidery software, stabilizers, adhesive sprays, Isacord thread, and everything you need to start and finish your embroidery projects. Each staff member at Temecula Valley Sewing Center has professional level experience in embroidery, and can assist you in troubleshooting your embroidery problems, recommend the appropriate embroidery products for your special project, and can also demonstrate an embroidery machine that is perfect for you. When you come to Temecula Valley Sewing Center for your embroidery needs, you won’t leave disappointed.

Embroidery Software

I’d love to sit with you sometime and show you how embroidery software will make your time spent embroidering so much more fruitful. From editing designs, to precise placement of multiple designs with lettering, to creating your own embroidery designs from scratch, embroidery software is practically essential to you as an embroiderer.

Embroidery SoftwareWhen you consider the time you will save by using embroidery software, and how much more functionality you will get out of your embroidery machine, embroidery software is a great investment. Temecula Valley Sewing Center is proud to carry Janome’s Digitizer MBX and Digitizer Jr. software programs, as well as Dakota Collectibles Dakotasizer and Alphasizer.

Embroidery Designs

Embroidery DesignTemecula Valley Sewing Center is an Embroidery Design Studio dealer. Embroidery Design Studio is a unique computer system that allows us to create custom embroidery design packs for you. Choose between 33,000+ designs, and go home with embroidery designs without waiting for special ording. Choose between pre-arranged packs of design, or make a pack of designs by choosing your own individual designs! Designs are available in nearly all embroidery file formats, and can be put on a multi-format CD, a design card, or a floppy disc. Whatever file format type and media type you need, Embroidery Design Studio is ready to please.

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