A New Creative Way of Hooping Stabilizer

A few weeks ago I discovered Sonia Dewalter Designs, a website for machine embroidery designs. I see the work of many designers, and while I might like a few of their designs, rarely am I blown away by their design abilities. I was very impressed with Sonia’s digitizing abilities, and equally impressed by the videos of the techniques she shares on YouTube.

The most impressive thing I found on Sonia’s website was a hooping video, that offered a new hooping concept, one I had never seen. The video shows a technique that solved my problem of constantly cleaning sticky, gooey, yucky hoops.

Sonia was working with a product she called Vilene®, a fibrous, non-woven, water soluble stabilizer, packaged under many names.  You may have heard of Wet n’ Gone Tacky from Floriani, Stabil-Stick from Oklahoma Embroidery Supply & Design, or Sew & Wash, the Vilene stabilizer Sonia uses.  All of these stabilizers already have the adhesive applied to the stabilizer, and the video showing Sonia’s method of hooping, is brilliant when using these stabilizers.

Because I did not have Wet n’ Gone, Sew & Wash, or Stabil-Stick, I chose Aqua Mesh, one of the many water soluble stabilizers, from OESD, as my stabilizer choice. I sprayed one side of my stabilizer with my favorite basting spray, 505 Spray and Fix, and then performed the hooping technique in Sonia’s video.

If you are tired of removing sticky gooey residue from your hoops, try Sonia’s method.  The directions in her video are clear and concise. Thanks, Sonia!

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