Easy Application of Water Soluble Stabilizer

Embroidery Stabilizer (lick finger trick)How many times have you needed to apply a water soluble topper to an embroidery project (like a towel,) and find it keeps sliding away with your embroidery foot?

In the past, I would give a little squirt of my 505 Spray & Fix, temporary spray adhesive to a piece of Aqua Film to cover the top of my project where I was going to embroider. While that worked, it would often make the top of my finished project a little sticky, and I would end up laundering the project to remove the stabilizer and the temporary spray adhesive .

I learned a little trick last week that I thought you might like to try, so I decided I would share it with you.

Before you start to stitch your design, place a layer of your favorite lightweight, film-type, water soluble stabilizer over the design area. To keep this layer of stabilizer in place, do this:

Touch your finger to your tongue, then quickly touch the back corner of the stabilizer. Quickly place the stabilizer down on your fabric/project. Repeat the finger to tongue to stabilizer technique for your remaining three corners of the film-type topping stabilizer. This method is strong enough to hold the film-type stabilizer in place while the design is stitching. Isn’t this cool?

Wait, there is more…If you do not have an embroidery machine that automatically cuts your jump threads, your small thread snipping scissors are easily slipped between the stabilizer and the jump stitch to trim those pesky little stitches.

When your design is complete and your jump stitches, if any, have been trimmed, the film-type stabilizer easily tears away from your project with no sticky residue remaining.

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Irma Clements on 7/17/15 @ 4:29pm

What a clever idea !

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