Four New Embroidery Take-Out Collections

Embroidery Take-Out February 2011New for February 2011 are these four Embroidery Take-Out collections. Whether your interested in wild animals,  home decor, fixing up the nursery, or cool designs for teens, OESD has something for you this month.

Pack #12332 – Urban Trends 2 features 22 designs.

Pack # 12338 – Majestic Animals features 20 designs.

Pack # 12339 – Signs of Spring features 21 designs.

Pack # 12337 – Jungle Nursery features 24 designs.

Click the links above to see larger images of the design collection covers, which also show the designs that are in each pack.

These embroidery design collections are available on CD-ROM or USB stick. CD-ROMs and USB Sticks contain the formats .exp, .art, .pes, .pcs, .dst, .hus, .jef, .xxx and .sew. Due to hoop size limitations, all designs may not be available in all formats.

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Mary Jo Terry on 7/26/11 @ 12:08am

I am looking for the design "A Bugs Picnic" I was told you have this but I am unable to find it online. Could you tell me where to find it?

b.gottier on 7/26/11 @ 1:29pm

Mary Jo, can you tell me more about the design? Who makes it? If it is from OESD, and available through Embroidery Take-Out, then yes we would have it available on CD or USB stick.

Anna Hester on 11/20/13 @ 1:02pm

I am looking for a take out design and I do not know the name. I think it has a picture of a baby on the front in a dress, I saw it last week end at the Bayou Embroidery University in Baton Rouge, LA and I would to purchase . I have a new great grand daughter coming in January and I would love to make her some dresses. All I know is an OESD embroidery take out design Hope you can help me..

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