Free Isacord Embroidery Thread Checklist

Isacord Thread ChartHave you ever felt like your embroidery thread collection is out of control? If you don’t keep your threads organized, you can spend as much time looking for specific thread colors as doing actual embroidery. And how do you know if you even have the thread color you are looking for?

There are a number of software products that have color charts and that will help you keep track of your threads, but we wanted to give you something you could print so that it was really easy to manage your Isacord thread collection.

At Temecula Valley Sewing Center, we sell Isacord embroidery thread because we think it is the best. One of our suppliers sent us an order form that has all of the updated colors, so I modified it for use as a checklist, and am letting you download it for free.

Isacord Thread Chart / Checklist Download

Click HERE to download the TVSC Isacord Thread Checklist. It is in PDF format, so you will need Adobe Reader, Preview (Mac), or similar software to view it.

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Reader Comments (13)

Dori Voss on 8/16/12 @ 5:54am

I LOVE this and have tried to print it, but all the colors won't print, any suggestions?
Dori L Vos

b.gottier on 8/17/12 @ 2:34pm

Hi Dori. You might take it down to your local print shop. I'm not sure why it wouldn't print all of the colors.

Norma on 1/17/13 @ 9:05pm

Is there any kind of conversion from Madeira rayon embroidery thread to Isacord? I haven't been able to find one.

MARY on 6/18/13 @ 9:04am

On an iphone in the Apple app store there is a ap that will convert from one brand to another. The name of the app is EMCON, and it is a pretty handy app for embroiderers.

Donna on 9/5/13 @ 6:35pm

Thank you so much for the free download for Isacord Embroidery Thread. It prints out so nice!! If I lived near you I would be a frequent shopper.

Gayle Hall on 4/14/14 @ 10:19am

This checklist is wonderful, but it appears to be outdated (2/12). Will you be updating it to the latest colors in the Isacord line?

b.gottier on 4/14/14 @ 12:31pm

Hi Gayle. I can only update it if Isacord sends an update. If they do, I promise I'll update it immediately.

Martha Franks on 1/25/16 @ 2:52pm

Want to keep track of my thread and thought this would a good way.

Toni on 10/20/16 @ 4:12pm

I noticed your Isacord printable checklist hasn't been updated since 2012? I wondered if an updated list is available? Thanks so much.

b.gottier on 10/21/16 @ 3:33pm

Toni, we hope to have a new list someday, but can only have a new one to distribute when Isacord makes it available.

Anica Jevicki on 11/30/17 @ 8:44pm

Hi could you tell me is there a isacord thread chart that has the janome colour chart i have lots of isacord thread but i'm not sure which one to use asthe patterns are mostly janome threads. please help. ty anica

b.gottier on 12/2/17 @ 4:44pm

Hi Anica. As far as I know there is nothing to cross reference the colors. If I can find something for you I will let you know.

Lisa on 1/3/19 @ 2:26pm

This is a great chart! Thank you! However, it is dated 2/9/2012. Have there been any new colors added??

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