New Janome Digitizer MBX v5 Software

Today is the release date for Janome’s new Digitizer MBX v5 software, and we’re really excited to show off this new software.

What’s New In Janome Digitizer MBX v5?

Janome’s new Digitizer MBX boasts a brand new interface, clean and easy to use, that will ultimately make your custom embroidery projects come to life! New features include:

  • Design Management
    • Embroidery design management integration
    • Shortcuts to embroidery design collections within the main application
  • Design Customization
    • Design information is easily available
    • Articles included as design backgrounds
    • Improved recoloring of designs
      • Design Color Palette
      • My Threads
      • Color Wheel
      • Cycle Used Colors
    • Stitch spacing for existing designs is easily changed
    • Optimize color changes
  • Design Layouts
    • Options for creating dynamic design layouts
  • Editing Objects
    • Options for applying copied properties from one object to another
    • Adding and removing of stitch angles
  • Advanced Digitizing
    • Trapunto Outlines
    • Carving Stamps
    • Color Blending
  • Capture and share design images
  • 3D Satin stitch type
  • 3D Warp effect for motif fill
  • New Memory Craft 15000 machine support

A very exciting change in our new software is a simplified upgrading system. Before, there was a separate part number to upgrade your software from every previous software. For example, Upgrade from Digitizer MBX v4 to 4.5, and Upgrade from Digitizer MB to MBX 4.5. This meant carrying a lot of inventory for every upgrade. Now, all Digitizers versions MB through MBX v4.5 will upgrade to v5 from the same software. This is true for each level of software. There is an upgrade from any Digitizer Jr since MB to Jr v5, from any Jr since MB to the full v5, and from any full version since MB to v5.

No More Dongle!

We’ve only had our software up and running for less than a day, but one of my personal favorite new features for Digitizer v5 is that there is no longer a security dongle, but instead a product key and activation during installation. Over the years, dongles were such a problem for everyone, and I’m so glad they’re gone! This means that the installation process is much easier, and there will be no reason to worry about losing or breaking dongles anymore.

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Reader Comments (89)

Shelley on 1/23/16 @ 8:45pm

Is Digitizer V5 compatible with the New MacBook Air or and Mac computers?

b.gottier on 1/24/16 @ 1:32pm

No, but yes if you run it in Bootcamp or a virtual machine.

Nita on 1/28/16 @ 8:19am

Janome Memory Craft 200E USB Embroidery Machine I have just bought one of the above is it compatible with the MBX35 ?

b.gottier on 1/28/16 @ 1:48pm

If you mean MBX v5, then yes.

Jallie on 1/29/16 @ 1:34am

can we update from MBX 4.5 or must we buy all the new version box?

b.gottier on 1/30/16 @ 3:17pm

Jallie, there is an upgrade package, so no you don't need to buy the entire software package, only the upgrade package.

Bo on 2/9/16 @ 4:25pm

How much is the upgrade from MBX4.5 to 5?

b.gottier on 2/9/16 @ 9:33pm

Bo, I don't think we're allowed to quote a price online. You'll need to call us (or your local Janome dealer) for a price. Our phone number is (951) 694-9576.

Niclas Eriksson on 2/14/16 @ 5:56pm

since there is no dongle
on how many computers can i install the software?
where can get a demo?
i have the digitizer 4.5

let me know

b.gottier on 2/14/16 @ 10:30pm

There is no dongle, but there is what appears to be an internet based activation. This may restrict your ability to install or run the software on multiple computers, but I believe the terms of use agreement says 3 installs. You should be able to get a demonstration at your local Janome dealer.

Ann on 2/24/16 @ 2:37pm

I have trouble to get the program installed, it dont seem to get startet even that I have activated the program...
Kindly Ann

b.gottier on 2/24/16 @ 10:15pm

Ann, you're probably going to need to have your Janome dealer look at your computer, and they may need to call Janome for technical support to get things working. Unfortunately, there's probably not anything else I can offer, except to make sure that your computer meets the system requirements of the software.

Linda Fielding on 3/12/16 @ 9:21am

Was there a complete manual in the box for people who were buying the product new? If so, why is there not a replacement manual for those who are upgrading from 4.5?

b.gottier on 3/15/16 @ 2:15pm

I don't believe sewing machine manufacturers have been supplying complete hard copies of the software manuals for many years now. The manual is usually available in the help menu of the software, and it's usually supplied as a PDF.

Michelle H. on 3/17/16 @ 8:10pm

I have the Digitizer Pro. How does this compare to that software? And would I be able to upgrade to MBX5?

Frankie Hoefling on 4/18/16 @ 8:52pm

I am very interested in the new MBX Program How much is this program?

b.gottier on 4/19/16 @ 12:59pm

We can't quote you a price online. Please call our store or come in during regular business hours, and we'd be happy to give you a quote.

Eco on 4/21/16 @ 5:57am

Hi. Is this software supported by Janome 230e embroidery machine?
If yes, can I have an email address to send a request for quote.

b.gottier on 4/22/16 @ 6:27pm

Sorry, we can't help you with your 230e. That is not a US model. Try you local Janome dealer!

Mike Cunningham on 4/25/16 @ 1:29pm

Will this software work with the new Elna Expressive 920 embroidery machine?

b.gottier on 4/25/16 @ 7:27pm

Yes. Elna IS Janome.

Faye Crow on 5/1/16 @ 10:03am

Will the MBX V5 work with my Windows 10 32-bit system. My Memorycraft 10001 will not work with a 64-bit computer. Thank you

b.gottier on 5/1/16 @ 10:58pm

From what I could find online, the system requirement for Janome's MBX v5 are:

  • Windows XP, Windows 7 or higher

  • 1 GB RAM

  • 1280 x 1024 Video Display or higher

  • 1 GB available hard drive space

  • Pentium IV 2.0 GHz processor or above

  • Dedicated USB port for dongle

  • CD-Rom Drive

  • Mouse

Pen Meadows-Jones on 5/3/16 @ 12:37pm

Hi there, I can't find this answer anywhere... How on earth do I convert a. Bap file to. Jef file so that I can use my design on my new 350e? I've downloaded truesizer and thread and empire and I still can't seem to convert them. I've tried all different formats. Do I really need to by janome software to do this? Thanks in advance!

Jan on 6/19/16 @ 6:33am

If you mean bitmap, .bmp file, you can't convert it. It has to be "digitized" with embroidery software. Bitmap is an image file, but digitizing tells your embroidery machine what stitches you want to use to reproduce the image.

Wyna on 5/5/16 @ 7:25pm

Hi, I have loaded digitizer mbx v5. I have a brother Quattro 6000d machine which I have been directly accessing with the previous versoin a digi pro 3. I have selected other in the list of machines but have been unable to get v5 to recognize my machine. I was not given any opportunity in the installation to update drivers. Is that what I need to do. Any help appreciated.

b.gottier on 5/6/16 @ 10:03pm

Wyna, I have no experience with the Brother Quattro 6000d, and it would be better to ask this question to a dealer who knows the machine. Perhaps contact a Janome dealer that also sells Brother sewing machines?

carolyn donaldson on 5/15/16 @ 3:12pm

did u ever get an answer on update drivers for v5? thanks

Janice hendry on 5/8/16 @ 6:07pm

Can I buy the manual if I upgrade to the v5.... It would be easier for me or is my only option to download it?

b.gottier on 5/8/16 @ 10:29pm

I'm not sure about the upgrade package, but the full version software package we sold a couple weeks ago came with a little manual. It's important to note that this isn't likely the same manual as the one in the software's help manual. As far as I know, the manual is installed when you install the software. I don't believe you have to download it. If you want a hard copy, you'd have to print it, as these are printed and made available by Janome.

PATRICIA on 5/9/16 @ 9:52am

I find that the spread of you videos are so fast and the written instruction are so very small being new to the software I find it hard to follow

b.gottier on 5/9/16 @ 3:38pm

Patricia, I'm sorry that the videos go to fast for you, but they are Janome's videos, and we are just a Janome dealer. As for the written instruction, the dealer where you purchased your software should provide some sort of training for the software, and that's going to be your best option when trying to learn how to use the software. Good luck!

karen kelly on 5/12/16 @ 8:49pm

I have been watching wilcom hatch videos, it is exactly the same software, and I have learnt so much about our fantastic V5 software LOVE IT!!!

b.gottier on 5/13/16 @ 12:55pm

Yes, I believe Wilcom makes the embroidery software for most of the sewing machine manufacturers. Each version is not exactly the same, but there are enough similarities that if you use one you should be able to learn another quite easily. For instance, when we were a Bernina dealer, their software would not save to a Janome JEF format, and the Janome software would not save to a Bernina ART format.

Karen Kelly on 5/12/16 @ 8:36pm

I am seeing a big D with a sewing needle instead of my designs? how do I fix that please?

Grace Greenlee on 6/10/16 @ 12:33pm

Karen, did you ever get a solution to this issue. I am having the same issue. The only designs that sow an image are Jan files.

karen kelly on 7/16/16 @ 7:17pm

hi Grace, I found it shows everything if I have the software running, if software is not running I just get the D ,

Darlene on 7/18/16 @ 10:32am

Karen how do you know if your software is running?

carolyn donaldson on 5/15/16 @ 12:46pm

why do you say there is no dongle with this software...this is to be an upgrade to the mbV4 with dongle...HELP PLEASE

b.gottier on 5/15/16 @ 5:23pm

MBX v5 simply does not use a dongle. I'm not certain what the upgrade process is, but if you have an older version of MBX and buy the upgrade package, you'll find out.

karen kelly on 5/17/16 @ 11:19pm

if you are wanting to upgrade to V5 from an earlier version that used the dongle, you insert the dongle when asked to with the installation of V5, aware that the V5 software will burn the dongle so it can no longer be used. if you don't want your dongle to be burnt, then you would have to purchase the full version of V5. I know this because this is what I did. I ended up buying the FULL version and sold my earlier version with the dongle, and put that money towards the full version. The V5 version allocates you 3 installation codes instead of the dongle.

b.gottier on 5/18/16 @ 8:50pm

That's good to know.

loralye winkes on 1/9/19 @ 9:15am

wow that is certainly good to know
thank you

Wyna Behel on 5/17/16 @ 2:50pm

I have upgraded to MBX v5. I have just upgrade my computer to windows 10. when I try to start my Digitizer software I get this screen: A valid license to run Digitizer could not be found. The HASP driver may need to be updated. Please go to for assistance. (H0007)
I have registered the software and it was running on windows 7 before the upgrade. Can you help me. Thanks wyna

b.gottier on 5/18/16 @ 8:49pm

Hi Wyna. As a Janome dealer, we are not trained to handle these types of technical support issues, but based on what you've said, I suggest uninstalling the software and re-installing it.

Wyna Behel on 5/26/16 @ 11:29am

I sent a detailed email to Janome technical support and they kindly sent me instructions for re-installing my hasp drivers. It worked and was easy to do. You have to look for the form on the Janome support page. Click on General support (a round button), click on Software support (another round button) and then scroll to the last sentence on the page...the last word ..form. I filled that out and received a detailed answer with pictures. Hope this helps if you have the same problem.

bgailk on 6/1/16 @ 8:49am

Thanks, Wyna! I'm having the same problem!

KPyzik on 6/1/16 @ 8:32pm

b.gottier -- I have searched everywhere to try to acquire this Janome Upgrade to Digitizer MBX Version 5.0 from MBX/MB/Pro product. I was only able to find it from a company in the UK (and the price was reasonable) - but they do not ship to the US. I live in Las Vegas and your company is in California. Do you have this product available for purchase? We currently have Janome Digitizer Pro MB version 2.1 and I have contacted Janome and they said the upgrade product will work for us. Can you help us? Thanks much -- KPyzik

b.gottier on 6/2/16 @ 4:09pm

If Janome said their Digitizer MBX v5 upgrade will work for you, then you could special order it from us. Call us during normal business hours for details. (951) 694-9576

prakash on 6/5/16 @ 9:40am

From where I can buy the .JEF digitizer software in INDIA? I have a 200E embroidery machine. Please advise.

b.gottier on 6/5/16 @ 4:38pm

Usha International Ltd.
Surya Kiran, 19, Kasturba Gandhi Marg, New Delhi-110 001 India
TEL. +91-11-331-8114
FAX. +91-11-331-8118

jennie black on 6/22/16 @ 8:54am

the dongle for my digitizer pro came apart.. where can I get a replacement. Have the up grade but can't use it without the pro dongle

b.gottier on 6/22/16 @ 9:43am

I believe your only option is to bring the dongle to your local dealer and have them get a replacement dongle through Janome. If your dongle qualifies for a replacement, keep in mind that this is not free.

Janet Harris on 6/26/16 @ 12:16pm

How do you change hoop sizes that are not listed on the 'hoops section' for majority of embroidery machines please. Have a Husqvarna Topaz 30 and use VP3 to embroidery on my machine.

Carol Moller on 7/11/16 @ 1:55pm

Does Digitizer MBX V5 work with the Janome MB 200E?
Also does it work with Windows 10?
Where can I buy the program?

Lawanda Lawler on 7/14/16 @ 9:27pm

I used the digitizer v 5 last night but it will not open tonight. Has there been a update that is causing it to freeze up.

b.gottier on 7/15/16 @ 12:48pm

I'd say you're going to need real technical support by Janome. Dealers are not equipped to handle problems like the one you are describing.

karen kelly on 7/16/16 @ 7:18pm

Hi Lawanda, I am also having trouble with computer freezing but only when I want to print out the worksheets! its very very annoying

Darlene on 7/18/16 @ 10:02am

hello, I purchased the digitizer V5 a few weeks ago. I downloaded the software and was reading through some of the things, one of the things that are new is that you can now see you designs show up on the icons. Thought that was odd, because mine are omly show a big "D" or a big "E". I was told to contact Janome tech support. I haven't a clue as to how. I have searched on the internet for Janome tech support, one site wanted me to pay, crazy Any help would be much appreciated, Thank you

b.gottier on 7/18/16 @ 12:23pm

Where did you download the software? It's easier for me to help if I know where you got it.

Darlene on 7/18/16 @ 1:04pm

I downloaded onto my computer. I purchased it from Ron's Sew and Vac
Thank you, Darlene

Darlene on 7/19/16 @ 8:32am

hello, I will try it again but I did do this last week and still haven't heard anything back.
thank you for your time

Claire on 8/28/16 @ 12:23pm

does this software support a Janome 500E

b.gottier on 8/28/16 @ 5:09pm

Yes it does.

lee kim hock on 9/9/16 @ 10:14pm

May I know the price and is it easy to operate, I mean easy to understand how to use?

Christopher Herre on 10/21/16 @ 12:38pm

is this software working on a Mac user for a janome 500E? Need help soon. Thanks

b.gottier on 10/21/16 @ 3:35pm

Christopher, as far as I know the software will only work for Mac users if they run it using bootcamp or in a virtual machine (like a VirtualBox Windows guest OS). Either way, you'd actually be running it in Windows. Mac is not supported all by itself.

Carli on 10/26/16 @ 12:29am

Can I use MBX V5 on a Brother pr650? Currently have an MC 500e but wanted to upgrade machine without having to change software.

Sally on 11/12/16 @ 9:42pm

I have upgraded my MBX4.5 to version 5. Help I can't find the equivalent to the "design gallery", to be able to print out the designs in the folder in the catalogue form.

Rolando Lopez on 12/29/16 @ 10:46pm

donde puedo comprar el software digitalizador .JEF en Guatemala

b.gottier on 12/30/16 @ 5:20pm

No se

JUAN on 3/27/17 @ 9:25am

OMG, you need to be polite, about your answers.

b.gottier on 3/28/17 @ 12:23am

Sorry, I don't speak Spanish, so I do my best. Did I say something wrong? I thought "No Se" means I don't know.

juan gil on 4/1/17 @ 9:58pm

I would know how much the upgrade to MBX 5 from 4.5 costs. Thanks in advance, Juan.

b.gottier on 4/3/17 @ 9:44am

Juan, please call the shop during normal business hours. (951) 694-9576

kim blogg on 1/7/17 @ 6:02pm

HI just bought this Memory Craft 400e but can not figure how to import from corel 8

Virginia on 2/19/17 @ 10:32am

Is the Janome Memory Craft 10001 compatible with the MBX35 ? Will it work in a windows 7 64 bits?

b.gottier on 2/20/17 @ 7:16pm

It is compatible with older machines, and we have it running on Windows 7 64-bit, so I know it does work.

Palaniappan on 3/11/17 @ 9:19pm

How to get Janome digitizer pro and digitizer mbx. Plzz tell mee

b.gottier on 3/13/17 @ 3:17pm

Just visit your local Janome dealer.

Rosa Flores on 10/19/17 @ 4:36pm

I have purchased this program but I have problems to register, a message of Sentinel HASP appears, have anyone idea on how can I solve this? Thankyou so much. Rosa

Caroline on 12/12/17 @ 5:57pm

I upgraded to mbx v.5 and am gradually getting familiar with it. One thing I have not been able to locate is the arrows to go backwards and forward, particularly when I am trying several fonts - there were red and green arrows in the last version. Any help?

TAH on 12/17/17 @ 5:25pm

is the V5 upgrade compatible with Digitizer Jr V5? not liking the limitations of the Jr V5.

b.gottier on 12/19/17 @ 7:31am

I do believe there is an upgrade from Jr to standard version. Give us a call (or your local dealer) for a price.

Donna bennett on 1/19/19 @ 5:44pm

I have purchased mbx v5 and attempting to install but it keeps asking for a dongle. This is the first digitizing software I have owned and it is supposed to have no dongle. Help please...

b.gottier on 1/20/19 @ 5:24pm

Hi Donna. Unfortunately, we are just a dealer, and the support you need would come from Janome. We aren't trained or equipped to handle this type of installation issue. Please try contacting Janome directly through

Yusri Mohd Ali on 3/4/19 @ 7:34pm

Would like to know if this software is suitable for Janome MC500E. Available in Malaysia? Cost?

b.gottier on 3/9/19 @ 7:36pm

Yes, it is suitable for a 500E, but I don't know about Malaysia. United States dealers are not authorized to sell merchandise outside the United States.

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