October 2010 Embroidery Take-Out Collections

Earlier this week we posted the September 2010 Embroidery Take-Out Collections, and almost as soon as we published the post, we saw the October collections on the Bernina dealer website. So, we now have 4 more collections to share, and 4 more opportunities for you to embellish one of your sewing or quilting projects.

Baby Africa – Pack 12315H

Baby Africa Embroidery Design CollectionHow can any child resist a cute and cuddly animal? Likewise, how much would they surely delight in one embroidered on their shirt? The Baby Africa design collection features 26 wild baby safari designs, perfect for a toddler’s shirt, or fun for just about any aged kid. Baby lions, zebras, a hippo, an ostrich, and an elephant are only a few of the sweet little animal embroidery designs in this new collection.

View back cover (shows individual designs):
Baby Africa

Christmas Trapunto – Pack 12317H

Christmas Trapunto Embroidery Design CollectionTrapunto is a truly elegant and creative technique, and this Christmas Trapunto design collection will really make your Christmas decorations come alive. If you’re not familiar with trapunto, trapunto is an embroidery technique that creates a padded or puffy effect. The design collection features a wreath, snow flakes, a candy cane, a bell, and more. 20 cherished and cheerful designs in all, this collection is sure to please.

View back cover (shows individual designs):
Christmas Trapunto

Fall Glitz – Pack 12314H

Fall Glitz Embroidery Design CollectionA true companion to the Autumn Contours embroidery collection introduced in September, Fall Glitz features 20 designs of Autumn whimsy. The motifs in this collection showcase leaves and flowers in shades of brown, burgandy, purple, and amber, just like the color of falling leaves Perfect to decorate pillow cases, jeans, your Thanksgiving dinner napkins, or maybe even an embroidered invitation. Let your imagination guide you as you put to use this seasonal embroidery pack.

View back cover (shows individual designs):
Fall Glitz

Variegated Feathers – Pack 12316H

Variegated Feathers Embroidery Design CollectionHave a feather fetish, or just want to try something new? The Variegated Feathers design collection features 20 colorful feather designs to tickle your fancy. Some of the feathers may be from peacocks, and some from a fantasy bird from beyond imagination. Used in the right project, they would certainly bring a fabulous flare.

View back cover (shows individual designs):
Variegated Feathers

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