Sepia Petals Embroidery Collection by BERNINA

Sepia Petals Embroidery Collection

BERNINA has begun offering new “Exclusive” embroidery design collections again, one of which is Sepia Petals. The forty-three, yes, forty-three (43) designs included in the collection are perfect for heirloom projects, quilting projects, embroidering on paper, etc.  Each design uses a maximum of three thread colors and BERNINA has shown the designs in two additional color families to show the possibilities.

One of the designs in the collection (my personal favorite,) is a large tree.  For those who have embroidery machines that can handle jumbo designs, the tree design would make an awesome center-piece of either a quilt or framed family tree.  Imagine placing family member’s names around the tree and presenting the project to the family patriarch or matriarch at a special anniversary or other significant occasion.

Years ago, it seemed BERNINA offered Exclusive embroidery design collections every month, but several years ago, the Exclusive designs stopped coming. We are thrilled that new embroidery designs are being offered through BERNINA once again, and pleased that the quality of the designs is the same superior quality we had come to expect from BERNINA.

We were originally intrigued by the collection because we were experimenting with embroidery on paper. However, after examining the designs, we were imagining the designs on a host of other media.

If the designs interest you, check with your local BERNINA dealer to procure your copy of the collection.

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