Techniques for Embroidering with Metallic Threads

Yenmet Metallic ThreadIf you have not already found Janome’s YouTube channel, you’re probably missing out on a lot of really great videos. From embroidery software to sewing techniques, Janome delivers many highly informational videos, perfect for learning or refreshing your memory.

This month’s webinar was all about embroidering with metallic thread. Not only does the teacher cover different types of metallic threads, she covers the correct needles. The best part was when the instructor¬† created a design in the Digitizer program. I loved when she “selected fabric” in the software. Did you know that the software will automatically adjust how the design will stitch out by telling it the type of fabric you are using? Awesome!

Here is this month’s webinar:

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Janice T on 12/11/14 @ 10:56am

I have a Memory Craft 9700. I am trying to clear the patterns off of the internal memory, and can't find how to do this. Any help would be appreciated!

b.gottier on 4/6/15 @ 11:47pm

Janice, from what I understand the patterns that come with the machine cannot be deleted.

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