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Stitchitize U-Pick

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Most folks who own embroidery machines are familiar with how many websites are offering embroidery designs. Whether they be free or ones that you pay for, it seems like there are a million designs to choose from. Stitchitize is one of the embroidery design giants in the industry and they have a phenomenal catalog of designs.  One of the great features offered through Stitchitize is the ability to browse their collection online, select designs, and then download the designs instantly.

I recently spoke with George Conquergood, the owner of Stitchitize, and asked him to explain his U-Pick program.  Mr. Conquergood explained about his five U-Pick programs and the advantages of each of them.

The Stitchitize U-Pick Programs

Basically, here is how U-Pick works; Collections of “Design Coupons” are purchased at  Temecula Valley Sewing Center, or your local Stitchitize dealer. The coupons are used on the stitchitize.com website to purchase individual designs at a discounted rate. You may also purchase Design Coupons for larger quantities of embroidery designs. The largest quantity of embroidery design you can purchase a coupon for is 100 designs, and you can save up to 90% with one of these Design Coupons.

Stitchitize collections include bi-lingual instructions (English & French,) plus a unique one-time-use Voucher Code that awards the appropriate number of embroidery design downloads to your personal online consumer account.  You place one design in your shopping cart for $10.00, and then apply a coupon to the cart making the price for the design $.00 (zero).  You, the consumer, continue through the check out process and the design is placed in your Download Center, where it is then available 24/7, in nearly all embroidery formats. The process from placing a design in your shopping cart to downloading it to your computer or embroidery machine, takes less than one minute to complete.

What impressed me most about the U-Pick program was this, if I have prepaid for one of their five U-Pick programs, not only may I purchase one design at a time…my participation in the program (the coupons,) never expires! The Design Coupons never expire, and you don’t have to use them all at the same time.

Of the five U-Pick programs, there are the U-Pick 5, the U-Pick 10, the U-Pick 20, the U-Pick 50, and the most recent addition to the U-Pick program, the U-Pick 100.  The cool feature of the new U-Pick 100, is its introductory price is the same as the U-Pick 50, which is currently $100.00. Imagine being able to buy 100 designs for a dollar a piece! That’s the beauty of the U-Pick programs.

The Stitchitize philosophy resonated with me. Mr. Conquergood’s final comment to me was this, “Unless you want to stitch every design in a complete collection, there is never a reason to purchase a complete design collection.”  I must concur.

UPDATE – Any time you would like to order ONLINE from the Stitchitize company, type in our Preferred Dealer number, and receive 10% off your online purchase.  Our Preferred Dealer number is 8873695121.

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Connie H. on 4/24/11 @ 7:54am

I bought one of the 100 packs and am very happy with the selection.

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