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A plastic framed sewing machineAnother plastic framed sewing machine came in for service today. We’re not going to share what brand it is, but you should know that this is the kind of poor quality you can expect if you purchase a really cheap sewing machine. The trouble is, I’ve seen customers bring in plastic framed sewing machines that they paid a lot of money for.

Be assured, Temecula Valley Sewing Center has never, and will never sell sewing machines that do not have metal frames.

The real problem with a plastic framed sewing machine is that it can flex and allow the needle to move forward or rearward, which changes the distance that the needle is from the hook, and in many cases causing the hook to strike the needle and break it. If flexed to an extreme, the needle may even strike the needle plate.

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Everybody wants to get a good deal when they’re buying a sewing machine, but sometimes that good deal is a little too good to be true.

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Vicki crooms on 2/7/17 @ 8:10am

I agree. No plastic pretenders!!

Tanya Coons-Redig on 5/26/17 @ 8:10am

This is a story about my Elna 6200 which is encased in plastic. I travel with it a lot, inside a JoAnn Fabrics canvas wheel and handle carrier bag. Not long ago, I had it at our local museum. When done for the day, I placed it on the back seat of my Toyota Prius. My fault is that I did not place it deep enough and it fell out after doing a summersault to the gravel road. It landed initially hear the top of where the needle bar is inside the casing. There is a smudge of the paint from the inside to the casing below it's surface, which is how I know where the main hit ended up. Then next time I sewed with it the needle broke. I found out the damage by taking it to an Elna sales/repair shop 45 miles away. He has told me that the repair of the machine would cost more tha

Tanya continued from above on 5/26/17 @ 8:23am

than it is worth. I bought it for $700. new in January 2012. I think it has been a good machine, however I have been buying used sewing machines at thrift stores after I find out if they work. I have given 4 away to young girls and women in my rural hometown after cleaning them up like new and making sure they work. I have noticed that the old ones (Made in the 50's and 60's) are steel exteriors. Some are lighter than others, but they are sure smooth running and don't rattle like new machines I have seen people use on you-tube. I plan to call you, but just wanted to post about my dilemma to support what you say about plastic exterior sewing machine

b.gottier on 5/30/17 @ 5:24pm

I think it's great that you have given away 4 machines to the young girls. I also think it's unfortunate that your local sewing machine technician is not capable of fixing the Elna. Yes, I understand he said that it would cost more than the machine is worth, but in my experience that's just a line used when the technician lacks the experience to do the job, or the shop just wants to sell you a machine. I'm not saying that's the case here, but I've had numerous customers bring their sewing machines to me with similar stories, and I was able to fix them at very little expense.

Please understand that there is a difference between a plastic framed machine, and one that has a metal frame on the inside but has plastic covers. There are actually a lot of great machines with plastic covers.

Monica on 9/21/17 @ 6:07pm

I just saw this article after posting the other comment. Do you have any advice for customers on how to spot a machine that has a good interior metal frame? Like you said, the exterior is often plastic, when I get, but how is a non expert suppose to know without opening up the machine?

Thanks in advance!

b.gottier on 9/21/17 @ 11:40pm

On purpose, and perhaps for legal reasons, we didn't want to mention the name of any specific manufacturer that makes plastic framed machines. All Janome machines have a metal frame, so that's something to know. Also, the heavier a machine is the less likely that it has a plastic frame. If you're looking at a machine that weighs less than 15 pounds, and if it's not a Janome, then you might be looking at a machine with a plastic frame. If you want to talk about machines, give me a call sometime. (951) 694-9576.

Melissa on 8/13/18 @ 8:32am

I bought a used Janome sew precise machine for $20 but it needs a tune up that will cost around $65-$70. I also found a Janome hd3000 that's 11 months old for $250 do you think the hd3000 is a better machine than the sew precise?

b.gottier on 8/13/18 @ 1:42pm

Not necessarily. If they were both brand new, I think both machines would be somewhat comparable.

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