Customer Review: Carbona Color Run Remover

Carbona Color Run RemoverAt some time it happens to everyone, they wash something and color runs from one garment or fabric to another. That’s fine if it’s a pair of socks, because replacing socks is not usually a big deal. When you have a quilt that you’ve worked hard on, and you’ve spent hundreds of dollars putting together, a color run can be heart breaking.

Carbona Color Run Remover clearly shows that it “Fixes Color Run Accidents” right on the front of its container. When used as directed, your results may vary, but we wanted to share what happened with one of our customer’s quilts.

Some might say that if you are working with red fabric that you should pre-wash it, and some might say that you should wash your red fabric with a dye magnet. These things may be true, but you could still have a color run, and then you’re hunting for a product that can save the quilt.

This week we had a customer come in who had used Carbona Color Run Remover on her quilt. She had made a Christmas quilt for charity, and was so excited about donating it, until she washed it! Take a look at the before and after pictures:

Before (click to enlarge)

Christmas Quilt Before Using Carbona Color Run Remover

After (click to enlarge)

Christmas Quilt After Using Carbona Color Run Remover

If you’re going to attempt to use Carbona Color Run Remover, we recommend that you test it on some scrap fabric first. It definitely removes color!


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Reader Comments (3)

Judy Holley on 7/8/15 @ 4:17pm

How sad! Jed asked, "I wonder if dry cleaning would have worked?"

b.gottier on 7/8/15 @ 11:09pm

Hi Judy and Jed! I don't know about dry cleaning. My mom said that the quilt should have initially been washed with a dye magnet, so I'm going to take that as the best option, since she knows a thing or two about quilts. But once the color has run ... maybe it's too late for anything? Maybe some other folks will chime in.

a.woerth on 7/18/15 @ 12:13pm

There are two products on the market that I have successfully used although they are sometimes hard to find. I have used "Retayne" and I have also used "Synthropol." The former product usually stops a dye from running while the latter product keeps the dye from transferring to another fabric. All in all, the Dye Magnet or Dye Grabber is the best product to use the first time a quilt or fabric is laundered.

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