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Needle CaseWe are often introduced to local artisans by students, family, friends, and customers who know individuals who are usually gifted and possess incredible talent for making gadgets, notions, furniture, etc.  Every once-in-awhile, we find a local artisan who is not only talented, but creates a work of art that is beautiful to behold and practical…all at the same time.

Last week, one of my students came to her sewing machine mastery class with a hand crafted needle case her husband made for her.  It was, of course, exquisite in craftsmanship, but the man took a practical notion and created a phenomenal work of art.

The needle cases are made of exotic woods, Zebra wood, Jerusalem Olive wood, Burl, and others. Some are laminated and reflect undulating lines while others are buffed to a pristine shine.  What sets these needle cases apart from all others I have seen, is the brass top and bottom.  The bottom of the case sports a shiny, stationary brass cap.  The brass cap on top of the case is fitted with a ring so the case can be worn on a lanyard AND the inside of the top brass cap has a magnet so the needles are exposed and held in place when the top is removed.  No more shaking the needles into your hand or stabbing yourself to find the needle you are looking for.

I am told that this man is also going to make wooden stilettos for sewing and hand applique.  If the stilettos are the same superior quality as seen in the needle cases, I know I will be purchasing a stiletto as well.

We brought a few of the needle cases into the store.  Because of the incredible craftsmanship of the cases, and because no two are alike, we consider them to be one-of-a-kind works of art.  We will be offering the needle cases for sale for $29.95.

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KT, KT the quilting lady on 2/19/12 @ 12:45pm

I am thinking these must be wonderful and wondering if this is the same local artesian who made beautiful hand turned seam rippers and pens and had a wife who worked in a Riverside fabric store a few years back? Looks like his work but I see no name!

b.gottier on 2/25/12 @ 9:06am

I'm not sure if the wife worked in a Riverside fabric store, but yes he does great work.

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