Horn of America Announces “White Glove” In Home Sewing Furniture Delivery Service

Horn of America White Glove DeliveryMost sewing room furniture dealerships offer some form of delivery. Temecula Valley Sewing Center’s furniture delivery fee has always been based on distance from the store, and our deliverable distance has a radius that is relatively small.

Up until now, we’ve had two delivery options. The first option simply unloads the furniture in your driveway, and the second option allows for setup and carrying the furniture into your house. We are excited that Horn of America has now introduced a new White Glove Delivery Service, giving our customers a third option, because it will provide our customers with a robust delivery option, and allow for delivery to locations where distance was not previously available.

What makes White Glove Delivery special is that this service offers to bring your sewing furniture up (or down) one flight of stairs, where Temecula Valley Sewing Center’s delivery service will not ascend or descend any stairs (although a single step is allowed, and not considered a stair). Temecula Valley Sewing Center’s delivery also has some other delivery restrictions, because we choose to avoid the liability of injury and/or damage.

When a customer chooses to have Temecula Valley Sewing Center deliver their sewing furniture and carry it into the house, or when they purchase White Glove Delivery, all of the packing materials and cardboard boxes are taken away. This is very nice for the customer because some of the cardboard boxes are very large and will not fit into average size trash cans.

White Glove Delivery Details

As long as you live within 100 miles of Temecula Valley Sewing Center, you can now have your new sewing room furniture delivered to your home, have the hardware/casters installed, and the delivery guys (White Glovers) will place your new furniture exactly where you want it.

The White Glovers will ascend or descend only one flight of stairs to place your new items where you would like them to be placed. If, however, you live in a home that has 3-stories, you need to make sure that your new furniture will live within that one flight of stairs limitation.

The White Glovers deliver your new furniture, place it where you want it placed (ascending or descending a maximum of one flight of stairs,) install the casters and pulls, and then remove all of the packaging and boxes.

Horn has promised to deliver up to 499 pounds of Horn sewing room furniture for one price. Call us at 951-694-9576 for pricing details. Folks, 499 pounds of Horn sewing room furniture is an entire room full of sewing cabinets, tables, and other pieces that turn your sewing/embroidery/craft room into a fabulous studio.

Now that Horn of America has offered White Glove In Home Delivery Service, when will you be designing your sewing studio?

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Betty on 3/8/13 @ 5:48pm

Is this an expensive service?

b.gottier on 3/8/13 @ 5:49pm

Betty, we can give you a quote when we know what items you would like to purchase. Come in sometime and we can show you the furniture and talk about the total price.

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