New Frequent Buyer Card at TVSC

Frequent Buyer CardFor the past several years, Temecula Valley Sewing Center has offered a Gold Card subscription that gave a Gold Card member special discounts and freebies throughout the year.  The Gold Card provided discounts for all embroidery related products, with the exception of software, furniture, and machines…every day. Special promotions available to only Gold Card members and monthly Gift of the Month design/projects were also part of the Gold Card program.  These discounts and special promotions came with a price.  Gold Card membership was $139.00 per year, and while most of our members found the membership fee had paid for itself  within the first ninety days, some folks felt the card was not cost effective.

We have decided to discontinue Gold Card membership and implement a Frequent Buyer program that will be free of charge.  Beginning March 1, 2011, we will offer a Frequent Buyer card when you make purchases at TVSC.  Each time you visit TVSC and make a purchase, your Frequent Buyer Card will be validated for that purchase (minus tax).  When the card has been fully validated, you may redeem your card and receive $25.00 off any subsequent purchase.

If you were a prior Gold Card member, we want to extend a special thanks to each of you. Not only will you be able to take advantage of the new Frequent Buyer Card, but you will receive an additional 10% discount as long as we are offering the Frequent Buyer Card program.

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