Our Sewing Machine Parts Have Been Snowed In!

FedEx TruckIt may be nice and sunny here at Temecula Valley Sewing Center, which is in Southern California, but we get our sewing machine parts from Bernina, who is in Illinois, and Janome, who is in New Jersey. We have placed a few orders for parts recently, and after waiting a long time for them to arrive, I finally decided to track the packages to figure out what was going on. For instance, we placed an order with Bernina on January 31st, and they shipped it the same day, but when I tracked the package yesterday, the detailed tracking information showed that the package had been sitting at a FedEx location for the last 9 days. I didn’t really know what was going on, but I called FedEx and they explained the situation. So if you’ve ordered parts, we would appreciate if you would please be patient. The parts are coming, they might just take a while to get here.

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