Servicing Your Sewing Machine Regularly

Sewing Machine ServiceI believe we have previously addressed the frequency of servicing sewing machines. For most sewing machine owners, we recommend an “Annual Service.” That means once each year, but if you sew a lot you may require more than one.

In the last several weeks, I have heard customers stating quite common reasons for NOT servicing their sewing machine, and the single most stated reason has been “I really don’t use my machine that much,” or words to that effect.

Without trying to sound “cheeky” or “sarcastic,” my retort is typically automobile related. For instance, if you don’t drive your car for two years (or 10 or more,) are you really expecting it to perform when you attempt to turn the key and start the ignition? Obviously, we wouldn’t do that. So, why do so many people avoid maintaining their sewing machines?

You may own a “plain vanilla” sewing machine that you have used on and off for twenty-five years…or more. Rather than being so proud that your machine has NEVER been serviced, imagine how well it would perform after a regular service.

One real problem with failing to service/maintain your machine is the availability, or lack thereof, of replacement parts should your aged machine require a part, due to lack of maintenance. Along those lines, when your machine IS maintained regularly, seized parts, cracked gears, and a host of other costly repairs can be avoided.

Do the right thing and have your sewing machine serviced annually.

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Rosalie on 9/13/13 @ 10:44am

I think I've read all your blogs on the Bernina's and have found them to be so informative. I have a Bernina 1530 that has been in perfect condition since I've only sewed on it no more than 10 hrs since I've had it. Bought it a couple of yrs ago and I've never had it serviced so I thought I better take it in for a reg ck up. The only thing wrong with it was the light switch wasn't working and it wasn't the bulb because the light would go on but not stay on. When I took it into a Bernina shop the repairman said he could cut the wires otherwise it would cost me $100.00 to fix. My gut feeling said get out of here and don't come back and I don't know why I said well go ahead and do that. When I went to pk up my machine he never said what he did, there was no receipt of any sort and so got my machine, pd the $89.00 and left. A couple of days later I thought I would try it out and had been sewing no more than 10 min when the cover to the wheel popped out and would not go back on because the wheel was not right up against the machine but had pulled away just enough that the big black screw at the end was in the way. I was sick about this and took it to a repairman I had used in the past and he is the one that pointed out the problem and called me later to say that the balance hand wheel the little plastic disc was chipped. So I found a Bernina place in Bakersfield and they ordered it over the ph since I live about an hr and 1/2 away in the Central Valley. I did not want to take it back to the original repairman who I think was at fault for what happen. I can only hope that it will work just as wonderful as it did before taking it in for just a ck up. I will never be back to that place and am sick that I even let him touch my machine. Later I checked to see how much the switch was and it was under $20. I wish I would have know about your place from the get go and would have shipped my machine to you as you sound extremly knowledgeable about the Berninas. Live and learn as they say....right? I'm confident with the repairman that will be fixing it but he said there is nothing he can do about the wires since they have already been cut. So the light stays on till the machine is turned off. Just feeling a little victimized I suppose. I also have a Bernina 440 QE and it is just about brand new also has very few hrs but the bottom tension is off and I saw where one can ajust the little spring on some of the Berninas can I do that to mine? Thanks for listening guess I just wanted to vent to someone who knows what there doing. Keep up with your blog it sure helps us out here just to know that someone truly cares. God Bless

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