The Best Way to Ship a Sewing Machine

FedEx truckAs a sewing machine dealership, we service sewing machines hand delivered by local customers, and we also receive machines from customers who may live anywhere in the country. If you are going to send us your machine, you ought to know the best way to do it, because there are some big pitfalls you can avoid.

The most important thing to consider is, what would happen if the machine is damaged during shipping. Who would be responsible? If you don’t know what you’re doing, or if you’re not careful, it might be you! Any of the shipping companies that you may use to ship your sewing machine will be very quick to deny your claim if the machine wasn’t packed to their specifications.

If possible, when you purchase a new sewing machine, hold onto the original box and packaging. The Styrofoam that fits perfectly around your machine was specifically designed to keep the machine safe, even when dropped or bumped hard. In most cases your machine traveled half-way around the world in that packing, and unless it is broken, you can usually use it again.

If your machine has electronic or computerized components, we suggest a service from FedEx Office called “fragile pack”. When fragile packed by FedEx Office, your sewing machine is packed in a box, then that box is packed inside a second larger box. FedEx is not likely to deny a damage claim if they packed the sewing machine, which is why we consider this the best way to ship your machine.

Fragile packing your sewing machine currently costs around $25.00. Shipping tends to be a little more expensive, because the outside box is a 24-inch cube. The price is well worth it if you consider how much it could cost to deal with damage done during shipping.

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Patricia Hurdle on 3/10/14 @ 3:43pm

I have a very unusual question,I hope you can help me.
I used to live in Riverside but now live in Gibsons, British , Columbia, Canada.
I have an Elna 7000 . I bought it when they first came out. I let my daughter have it when we moved here (1st mistake) She eventually moved here and needless to say the machine is a terrible mess!! It was dropped and not packed right for shipping,by the packers(2nd mistake)
that moved her. OOhh I was angry when it got here. Do you know of a repair person in this area? I know this is a big favor but I need your help with this as there are so many flakes in the repair business!
Thank you

b.gottier on 3/11/14 @ 3:22pm

Hi Pat. Janome does have a facility in BC. See the Janome Canada website:

Terri on 10/4/14 @ 9:38pm

I wish I knew FedEx was the best way to ship before I had my sister in CA send me in FL, my Mom's Janome 10,000 after she passed away last fall. My sister had a UPS store pack and ship me the machine. My Mom and I had purchased the machine together while she was living with me for 4 years before going to my sisters in CA. My Mom and I used it to make several quilts one for each of her grandchildren and my two sisters. She was in the process of finishing a quilt for me when she passed away. With less than two weeks to live, one of the last things she asked me was if I could finish my quilt and she apologized for not being able to complete it for me.
Needless to say when I received the package I was thrilled to get my Mom's machine but very disappointed to see it wasn't packaged correctly and after I turned it on and tried to use it I received an error message that wouldn't clear. I have had it to the repair shop three different times and paid out over $500 to still have trouble with the machine and have to take it back for repair again.
I would suggest to package it yourself and get insurance coverage if you can.
Best of luck.

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