Our For Sale By Owner Program

For Sale By OwnerTemecula Valley Sewing Center has a special program for you, to help you buy your next Janome, Elna, or Necchi sewing machine from us. Rather than trading in your used machine, we always suggest using our For Sale By Owner Program. Keep reading to learn how it works.

The problem with trading in your used machine is that we have to resell it. Customers who purchase machines from us generally expect a warranty and lessons to learn how to use a machine, even if the machine is used. Also, a used sewing machine that is traded in must be inspected, and often serviced, just to get it ready for sale. All of these things factor in to what is usually a trade in value half of what you would expect to receive for your machine.

So we came up with the For Sale By Owner program to help you sell your machine. We take a picture of your old sewing machine, and list the machine here on the website for sale, as well as let you display it for sale at our store. Another bonus is that we send out a newsletter alerting subscribers that your machine (or item) is for sale. We have had great success in the past helping our customers sell their machines this way. Some listings have sold in as little as 24 hours!

We would rather see you get the most money for our machine, and the For Sale By Owner Program does just that. Nobody likes to lose money, and this program gets you the most money for your machine. With the For Sale By Owner Program, everyone wins!

The Rules

  1. You must first purchase a Janome, Elna, or Necchi sewing machine from us before you can use the For Sale By Owner program.
  2. Customers have 180 days from purchase date to use the For Sale By Owner Program.
  3. At your own risk, you may display your machine at our store for extra exposure. We are not responsible in any way for damage to, or theft of, your machine if left at our store.
  4. The sale of your machine must be done directly through you, meaning you do the demonstration to the potential buyer, you do all negotiations for the selling price, and you collect the payment. No payment for a machine in the For Sale By Owner Program will be accepted by Temecula Valley Sewing Center on behalf of the seller.
  5. Due to dealer restrictions from Janome, Elna, and Necchi, we can not list the prices of most of their machines here on the internet, even if used. Janome, Elna, and Necchi also have restricted certain used models from being listed for sale on this page.
  6. It is your responsibility to check with us prior to your purchase regarding whether or not your machine qualifies to be listed here on the Temecula Valley Sewing Center website.
  7. You may, at our discretion, use the For Sale By Owner Program for an item that is not a sewing machine.
  8. You may only use the For Sale By Owner Program for one item, and you may not change the item once we have taken pictures, or done any work to advertise it for you.
  9. Any pictures taken by or given to Temecula Valley Sewing Center, as well as the listing content, will remain on the website after the item is sold. (Contact information is removed from listings marked as sold)

The Listings

Are you ready to see the For Sale By Owner listings? Click Here


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