Yenmet Metallic Thread vs Other Brands

Yenmet Metallic ThreadFor many years embroiderers and quilters have sought to include metallic thread in their projects when they feel the project needs a little “something special.”  I have purchased and tried many brands of metallic thread, and Yenmet brand is by far the best.  Most often the results with the other brands ended in failure after dismal failure.

Shortly after we brought Isacord thread into Temecula Valley Sewing Center, we learned of its metallic sisters, Yenmet and Twilight.  Wanting to be a “good” dealer, and offer our customers the very best in thread selection, we ordered the entire line of Yenmet and Twilight threads.  We make many project samples for our customers, and Yenmet is a real pleasure to work with. Not only does it look great, but we don’t experience the thread  breakage problems that exist with other metallic thread types.

As with all metallic threads, the speed of the sewing or embroidery machine needs to be reduced when using Yenmet. Beyond that, no special tension adjustment or special “tweaks” with the machine or the thread were needed.  Unlike some of the other brands of metallic thread, Yenmet/Twilight is comprised of polyester and metallic fibers.  Thus, no stretching or snapping of the thread creating breakage.

Some other metallic threads are comprised of nylon and metallic fibers.  The nylon fibers found in most of the other brands metallic threads stretch and ultimately break the thread, bend the needle, break the needle, or result in a combination of any of these three problems. Sometimes a larger needle size or special needle type can make a difference, but the needle itself doesn’t always make a difference, and why should we need to fuss around with needles?

If you have attempted the use of metallic thread in your projects and have felt the frustration of constant thread breakage and/or needle breakage, perhaps you haven’t tried Yenmet or Twilight. Yenmet/Twilight threads are available in 500 meter spools, are cross-wound for use with most newer sewing machines, and come in a host of solid and variegated colors.

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Geneva Leedy on 1/31/12 @ 4:53pm

I use Twilight metalic thread in making Termari Balls but it frays and is hard to thread the needle which wastes a lot of thread. It there any kind of metalic thread the quality of Twilight that doesn't fray?


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