Aileen’s Perspective – The New Janome 12000

Janome 12000I flew home yesterday, returning from Orlando where I attended Janome Institute. I’m very tired today, but am back to work at Temecula Valley Sewing Center, and as exhausting as the trip was, the new Janome “top of the line” Horizon Memory Craft 12000 has kept me enthusiastic about sewing. The new machine has features I never thought possible in a sewing/embroidery machine. To try to impart all of the information I learned about the Janome 12000 in this brief blog post would be impossible. Instead, I will compose a number of blog posts over the next few weeks, featuring one or two amazing benefits in each post.

You have probably been to the Janome 12000 website, or seen the front view of the the machine on our home page, so I won’t go into how beautiful it is… you have seen that for yourself.  What I would like this blog post to convey is what you cannot see.

You cannot see all of the twenty (yes, that’s 20) feet that come with the Janome 12000, many of them new versions of existing feet to accommodate the new 9mm stitch width, others developed exclusively for the Janome 12000. With 20 feet, there are only a handful of specialty feet that are not included. I’ve never seen a sewing machine come with that many feet, and I think it’s simply amazing.

You also cannot see the new stitch plate and how easily it is removed with the push of a button. All other Janome machines have stitch plates that attach with screws. You cannot see the straight stitch plate that comes standard with the 12000, or that a sensor on the machine knows which stitch plate is installed on the machine.

You do not see the magnifying lens that also comes standard with the 12000, or how easily it snaps into place, and how easily it it swings out of the way or snaps off when you don’t need it.

You cannot see the newly designed knee lifter that has been re-formed to make using it much easier and more manageable.

Not visible are the four (4) embroidery hoops that come standard with the new Janome 12000, and how sturdy each hoop is, and that the two largest hoops come with extra clips for stability of your projects.

Not visible are the many sensors that make the 12000 the smartest machine on the market, or that in a room with fifty (50) of the machines running at their full 1000 stitches per minute speed we were able to use our regular indoor voices because the machines are that quiet.  We almost could not hear them.

I have briefly mentioned a few of the many features and benefits of the new Janome 12000.  Look for separate “in-depth” blog posts in the coming days and weeks.

I haven’t been this excited about a new top of the line machine in a very long time.  If you are looking to replace your old top of the line machine, interested in upgrading your machine, or plan to take the plunge for the first time, check out the new Janome 12000 before you make your final decision…I think you will make the the Janome 12000 your final decision.

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Reader Comments (33)

Derla Lehnherr on 9/9/11 @ 7:24am

I'm looking forward to reading more of your blogs.

Jeane on 9/9/11 @ 10:30am

Love your review. The BIG question is the price....can you share that yet???

b.gottier on 9/9/11 @ 10:59am

Jeane, we're not allowed to quote pricing on machines that are not on the internet sales list, and this one isn't. I can tell you that Janome did set a minimum price that dealers can sell the machine for, and because of the competitive nature of selling sewing machines, you are likely to see that price no matter which store you go to.

Dawn on 9/9/11 @ 2:52pm

Hi, can you please tell me if my extra hoops that I purchased for my 11000 will fit the new machine [quilting x 2 and free arm] and if we can use the extra feet also purchased for my 11000.
Many thanks for your info.

b.gottier on 9/9/11 @ 11:11pm

Dawn, the feet are supposed to be compatible, but as for the hoops, I don't know the answer to that question right now. When we get our machine, I'll let you know.

Dawn on 9/12/11 @ 3:15pm

Thanks, any news is great.

Pat Bratcher on 9/10/11 @ 2:31am

I have truely enjoyed you blog. Please put me on your mailing list, if you have one. Thank you very much.

Mary on 9/15/11 @ 6:06am

Really enjoyed reading your 12000 comments. Interested in learning more about this new Janome. Please add me to your mailing list,if you have one.

Vicky Hill on 9/20/11 @ 12:12am

Good news....

Dawn on 10/3/11 @ 5:24pm

HI, do the hoops from the 11000 fit???? and what about the thread stand??

b.gottier on 10/3/11 @ 9:11pm

No Dawn, the hoops for the 11000 don't fit, but honestly, when you take a look at the 12000 hoops you won't want the other ones. Haven't tried the thread stand yet. I'll let you know.

Favy on 3/6/12 @ 10:20pm

The thread stand will fit even though it has a different part number. I saw another post that said the feet would be compatible, but they are not.
The ankle is a different size so the feet from your old Janome machines won't snap onto it, besides the extra 2mm width makes that an issue as well!

Dawn on 10/4/11 @ 11:33am

I will really miss the 140 x 200 as I use this hoop all the time for my lace trims, are they adding more hoops to purchase as add on's?

b.gottier on 10/4/11 @ 8:23pm

Dawn, we don't know, but if hear anything, we'll be sure to let everyone know.

Dawn on 10/11/11 @ 3:25pm

I have sold my 11000 and need to know about the feet. Will the piping and pintuck etc.... work with the new machine and also the 11000 thread stand.

b.gottier on 10/12/11 @ 10:31am

Aileen says that the 11000 thread stand does fit the 12000, and that the 11000 feet will fit the 12000, but keep in mind that the 12000 has a wider stitch width, so you'll need to pay attention to the stitch width setting, or you might break some needles!

Shirley-Calgary on 11/3/11 @ 12:55pm

Enjoyed reading the comments - I will be getting the 12000 in the next 10 days or sooner. So glad that I keep all my machines. The 12000 will join my 11000, 10001, 8000, 350e and 300e.

Annie on 12/12/11 @ 5:53am

Hello and many thanks for all the info you have sent for the new Janome 12000. I have the Horizon 7700 and ALL the extra feet etc that is needed for it. I know they won't fit the 12000 but does it come with all the feet that is required, i.e. binding, cording, in the ditch etc? will we have to buy a lot of accessories for the 12000? I would love to go on your mailing list too, thank you again, Annie in Saudi Arabia

Ann B. Richard on 1/9/12 @ 11:22am

Please add me to your mailing address. I am considering a purchase of the 12000 and have been comparing it to the Bernina 320. Any advice?

b.gottier on 1/9/12 @ 9:57pm

Hi Ann, I added you to our email newsletter. I'd say if you are really considering the 12000 but asking about the Bernina 320, then it shows that you REALLY need to see these machines at your local dealer. The Bernina 320 would be a very simple sewing machine compared to the Janome 12000, and the Bernina 320 doesn't do embroidery. Are you looking for an embroidery capable machine, or just a sewing machine?

Terry on 1/28/12 @ 12:40pm

I would love to be on your email list.

b.gottier on 1/28/12 @ 12:49pm

Terry, it's easy to sign up for our newsletter. Just go here:, and fill out the form.

Janice on 2/18/12 @ 6:49pm

Sorry to tell you that the 11000 feet will not fit the new 12000. The little bar on the "ankle" of the 12000 is about 1 to 2 mm shorter than the 11000 feet need and they simply will not fit. Even my dealer originally thought they would since the 12000 will do 9 mm wide stitches. But Janome obviously made the change on purpose. That said, with the 20 feet that come with it, there are not many others to add.

I have had my 12000 since before Christmas and want to say that I am "in love" with it. I traded in my Janome 11000 and my Pfaff 2170, but the 12000 is an incredible machine - maybe my last machine in this lifetime!

nancydd on 3/27/13 @ 8:22am

I have an 11000 and a 12000 and SOME of the feet are interchangeable. Not all however.

AudieTX on 1/17/13 @ 2:26pm

I have my Horizon 12000 on layaway. It blew me away with all the feature but especially the base of the embroidery is at the back and not the side of the machine. I got the Christmas special and got the machine for $6000 plus tax.
I can't wait to get it home!!!!

b.gottier on 1/17/13 @ 5:31pm

AudieTX, Wow, that's a great price. Where did you find the 12000 for that price?

Murielle on 2/14/13 @ 7:30pm

Hi Audie,

Where did you get your Janome Horizon 12000? You got a great price! I want one! Pleeeeeeeeeese let us know!

Pat Doyle on 3/17/13 @ 5:48pm

My husband and I have the new 12000 Janome .Wow lots to ,learn.Appreciate help with a jammed up start at start of embroidery. Experienced sewer . Checked all the thread, bobbin, etc.-- no luck stilljamming!

b.gottier on 3/19/13 @ 1:24pm

Pat, you should bring it to your dealer. It shouldn't jam, and it sounds like you may have a warranty related issue. The machines come with a great warranty, and your dealer owes you some customer service! There probably isn't anything you can do.

J Estabrooks on 5/24/13 @ 3:27pm

I have had my 12000 for several months now. Previously I had a 10001 and others and loved them all.

Pros. Big hoops, 9mm decorative stitches, beautiful stitch quality, lots of lights, free arm, extension table and more.

Cons. Stitch limit of 100,000 (not much more than my 10001), must use software to split designs in order to use big hoops. This is ridiculous. No 5x7 hoop - the next size is 8x8 which means wasting lots of stabilizer. The manual is really poor- flimsy, muddy photocopied pages and very difficult to navigate compared to manuals for 10001. Mine is falling apart already. Automatic needle threader seldom works. Screen is crowded and hard to see because of large circle wasting a large chunk at the bottom. Still haven't found any use for Horizon Link except for printing templates for built-in designs.

I and others have written to Janome requesting update for larger stitch limit but received curt replies treating us with contempt.

I wish I had kept my 10001 and bought a TOL Babylock instead of the 12000.

Marcia Johnson on 8/7/15 @ 7:17am

I am unable to access many of the stitches on my 12000. I am new to this machine and have tries some self help videos on youtube to no avail. Even when I use the wheel to rotate over to other stitches almost all of them are grey and unable to access...what am I doing wrong?

b.gottier on 8/8/15 @ 2:12pm

Do you have the straight stitch plate on? If you do, it will restrict the stitches that you have access to.

DJ on 1/18/16 @ 1:16pm

Marcia, be sure you have the right throat plate on the machine. You want the one with the wider hole not the one with the small(straight stitch) hole. If you have the straight stitch throat plate installed it will gray out all of the other stitches so you won't break a needle. Hope this helps. Been there and done that.

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