Deleting the Recovery Files of Bernina or Janome Embroidery Software Programs

Delete Embroidery Recovery FilesThis week I had a customer come in who could not start her Janome Digitizer MB embroidery software. When she would click on the desktop icon, it took a few minutes to get to a point where it seemed that the software would start, but then it would give an error and disappear. Since Wilcom makes the embroidery software for both Bernina and Janome, the problem could have happened to a user of Bernina Embroidery Software 6 as well. The same is true for older versions of both Janome and Bernina software, so if you are having problems, keep reading!

As you work with your Bernina or Janome software, it creates recovery files. These files can be used in case something bad happens, but if you don’t delete the recovery files occasionally, they can consume a massive amount of space on your hard drive. When the embroidery program tries to start, the recovery files are available, and if there are lots of them, I think the program gets confused, or runs out of memory. The truth is, I don’t know exactly what happens, but by deleting the recovery files, all is well.

You can find Delete Recovery Files in your programs menu, located within your embroidery software’s parent folder. When you click on Delete Recovery Files, a little dialog box pops up saying, “Click on OK to purge the Recovery directory”. There is also an option which you can check to “Delete Recovery Files”. I always check that option.

Delete Recovery Files Dialog Box

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Reader Comments (3)

Ann Dowdy on 12/27/13 @ 12:34pm

Where do you find the delete recovery using Windows 8?

b.gottier on 12/29/13 @ 8:22pm

Ann, I don't really know because we haven't upgraded to Windows 8 yet. If you can find the exe file that runs the program, I'm sure the delete recovery is right there with it. Try searching your C drive.

Dorothy Rowley on 5/8/18 @ 10:05pm

I purchased a Janome 1500 machine and really love it. I first had problems with corrupt Horizondisc and when that was fixed after a long wait. Next the Digitizer program was reloaded on my computer after several rebuilds as an Insider for Microsft. The product key is then out of date and on screen it advises an update number from Digitizer company. I have been trying to get one for months for about a year and is ongoing. The emails almost accuse me of using the disc in an illegal way. Please be cautioned that this could happen to you.

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