Differences Between Janome Horizon Models

Janome Horizon LogoJust this morning Janome sent us an updated chart showing the differences between their Horizon sewing machine models. The chart doesn’t show the Janome Horizon 12000, which features embroidery and is their current top-of-the-line machine. It does, however, compare all of the other Horizon machines; MC8900QCP, MC8200QC, MC7700QCP, and JNHMC7700QCP. If you’re in the market for one of these machines, but are having trouble deciding, this chart (available in PDF format) should help you make your decision!

Janome Horizon Comparison Chart – November 2012

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Sharon Alsip on 6/20/13 @ 6:24pm

Hi, I have a Janome 9700 with Digitizer Jr. When I have designs on my flash drive that I don't need anymore, how would I delete them???

b.gottier on 6/20/13 @ 10:26pm

Sharon, with the flash drive plugged in to your computer, and when browsing the flash drive using Windows Explorer, simply select the design you want to delete and press the delete key on your keyboard. A modal dialog will confirm your request, and when you confirm the file is deleted from the flash drive.

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