Embroidery Software Install Not Seeing Your Dongle?

USB Embroidery DongleDuring installation of some embroidery software, the installer will ask you to plug in your dongle. Normally the installer sees the dongle and continues installation, but I’ve seen many times when the dongle isn’t verified, and installation cannot proceed. There is an answer. I can’t say that I can solve everyone’s problem, but if you own Janome or Bernina embroidery software, I just might have the answer you are looking for.

The Device Driver

The answer to your installation woes is that your computer doesn’t know what the dongle is. Especially if you are installing the embroidery software on a computer that is newer than that of the embroidery software’s system requirements, the information the computer needs to use the dongle just isn’t available.

That information, or hardware instruction, is called a “driver”. The dongle is known as a “device”. If your embroidery software installation stops at dongle verification, you will need a “device driver” that allows your computer to operate your dongle.

Bernina and Janome dongles, as far as I know, are all technically a USB “HASP key”. So we just need to get the proper HASP key drivers from the SafeNet website, and we’ll be good (provided that we correctly install the driver and it’s the right one).

A quick search on Google for “HASP driver” led me to this page. The page offers various downloads, but the one we want is called Sentinel HASP/LDK – Windows GUI Run-time Installer. After accepting a rather lengthy user license agreement, I downloaded a file named Sentinel_LDK_Run-time_setup.zip.

Installation of Driver

The HASP driver is extremely easy to install. First you should close any embroidery software installer that you have running. Ideally you would have all programs closed, and some may even suggest disabling your anti-virus. Next, you’ll want to unzip (extract) the contents of the downloaded zip, and locate a file named HASPUserSetup.exe. This executable file can be run just by double clicking on it. Double click on it, and then follow the instructions. When you’re done, you should have the appropriate HASP driver installed. Your computer may not immediately be able to use the driver, so restart your computer, then try to install your embroidery software. If the red light comes on when you plug in your dongle, that’s an indication that the driver is working.

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Reader Comments (94)

Melissa Charba on 9/24/15 @ 10:49am

I have a MC 11000 and have all the drivers on CD however my problem is that I own a MAC computer. Can you tell me how or if I can download driver software onto my MAC? I really love this machine but I love my MAC to. I really need for them to communicate. Thanks

b.gottier on 9/24/15 @ 3:30pm

Melissa, you're only options for the Mac would be to run Windows in boot camp, or run a virtualization software (which essentially runs Windows inside of the Mac). Boot camp is really the better option, as virtualization requires that the host operating system (your Mac) shares system resources with Windows. Use Google or your favorite search engine to search for "Mac Boot Camp" for more information.

Debby Cress on 4/18/18 @ 12:21pm

I have Elna 9600 it is the same as the 1100, my problem is I have no drivers to install my m860 tools I am assuming something got knotted up in my computer and now I can not install my software. do you have an extra copy of the drivers?

Dawn on 10/5/15 @ 4:30pm

I have a Jamone 9900 , please tell me how to put the fancy stitches on to the Embroidery mode right from the machine itself. There is a stippling stitch under quilting, but cannot be used when you hook it up to Embroidery mode.

b.gottier on 10/8/15 @ 3:01pm

If you have HorizonLink then you can bring in the stitch to Embroidery, but to the best of our knowledge it is not possible without HorizonLink.

Kay on 10/15/15 @ 6:28pm

I own a janome mc10000-1 (upgraded) and I have an issue I haven't ever seen posted anywhere. My xp computer has died and I had a new computer built to the specifications recommendations by Janome tech support team. It's windows 7, 32 bit. I own digitizer 10000, upgraded to Dig.Pro with the newest dongle at the time & all upgrades versions V.0Q. Janome support told me when the new computer is done just start the install with my first version of Digitizer and follow with each update. Well, the original digitizer won't load all the way, it can't find the original dongle (turned in with purchase of the Digitizer Pro upgrade/new dongle) & the upgraded digitizer pro won't install without the original. I'm in a catch 22 and getting no help from Janome . I have left messages and sent emails to no avail. Re-installing software should be this hard. So I am looking for help to get my software reloaded (installed) and operating. I am really desperate to get help from someine, anyone please!!!!!!!!

b.gottier on 10/15/15 @ 6:59pm

Kay, have you tried installing the most current software? I understand you are having problems with the original software, but what about the most current software?

Rita Parker on 11/2/15 @ 6:45am

I am pretty computer savvy but can not figure out what is going on. I have tried for the past year to upload designs from my pc to the Janome 9900. I can seen the files on the jump drive(in the emb folder) but when I install the jump drive in my machine..it does not read them. I am using a 16G drive that is brand new. I am having the same issues trying to even open the digitizer ...states that it can not be opened at all. Any insight or advice?

b.gottier on 11/2/15 @ 2:37pm

Hi Rita. I recommend a visit to your local dealer. Especially if there really is a problem, your going to want to take advantage of your warranty. If there really isn't a problem and just an operational error, they should be able to show you how it's done.

Kate on 6/7/17 @ 9:05am

Your Janome 9900 is probably an older machine and therefore cannot recognize the 16GB flash. Try a 1GB to start and see it that works.

Rachel on 12/20/15 @ 10:35am

I have an older computer and the Janome 300e embroidery machine. I have the digitizer 10000 and dongle, but it is old school. I had to find the attachment with usb. I keep getting the error HASP device driver not installed (-100) but it is plugged in through the usb. Wont open. Went to Janome and the have a hasp519 download..doesn't help either?

b.gottier on 12/25/15 @ 2:25pm

If the current HASP drivers don't work for your older version of Digitizer, then the program itself is probably incompatible with your operating system. That's just my best guess.

Cindy on 4/26/16 @ 5:25pm

I am ready to pull my hair out! I have a bernina 440 QE and I am trying to reinstall my software, and everytime I do I get HASP Device Driver not installed (-100). I found your website followed instructions to the T and still come up with the error message. Any other suggestions?

b.gottier on 4/26/16 @ 10:58pm

If you're still having problems and installed the HASP drivers correctly, then your best option is to visit your local Bernina dealer and let them help you figure it out. Bernina dealers have access to software support, and sometimes they are the only ones that can help you get everything working.

Jean on 6/11/16 @ 8:05am

I'm having the same problem. The computer will not recognize the software even when installed. So frustrating!

Leila on 5/16/16 @ 9:44pm

I purchased a used Janome Memory Craft 10000 with all the software except the HASP key. Does anyone have an old one to sell?

Linda Harper on 11/3/17 @ 6:02am

My dongle stopped working and I am also looking for a dongle. If you find more than one, please let me know. I have seardhed everywhere.

Alona Harper---No relationship on 6/17/18 @ 12:35am

I have Digitizer Pro upgraded to version 2--I had the Digitizer 10000, the Dongle for version 2--fried in my computer--can't get one from Janome either. I can't use older program, as once you install the upgrade that program can't be used by anyone. I had used the program many times. I would like to find a dongle also. If you know where to buy one, please let me know.

b.gottier on 7/15/18 @ 9:13am

For software developers that use dongles, your software is that dongle. The good news is that in the case of Janome software, they're no longer using dongles! Software activation has gone to a more modern strategy, using the internet to "phone home" to Janome. I know that's not what you want to hear, but it's unlikely that you'll be able to have your dongle replaced.

Debbie on 5/18/16 @ 1:50pm

Hi I have a memory craft 11000 SE,
I have recently moved & it looks like my dongle has been chucked out by someone
What do I do?

b.gottier on 5/18/16 @ 8:51pm

Debbie, if you've lost your dongle your only option is to buy the software again. I know it hurts to hear, but that's all that can be done.

Sue Brown on 5/28/16 @ 12:38pm

Help !!! Oh my, I cannot activate the Janome Digitizer JR v5. It says the software program is loaded and then another pop up appears over the top of the previous saying "A valid license to run digitizer cannot be found, the HASP driver may need to be updated". I've updated that but it will not give me the opportunity to put the activation code in. I've tried uninstalling it and reinstalling it, and it still won't work. I've put the latest update on there from the Janome website and nothing. We bought a new Microsoft laptop just for this purpose, as we are a mac household. This is so frustrating. I've been trying for 5 hours now and can't get it to work.

PS: It keeps telling me to go to www.wilcom.com/support for assistance. (H0007) but when I do I can't find anything.

Aileen on 7/5/16 @ 11:30am

Sue, I am so sorry your question was overlooked for so long. Have you resolved your problem, or do you still need help?

Inas on 9/28/16 @ 1:41am

hi Sue i am having the same problome as you are having i get the same pop up as you are getting so did you manage to solve that yet ? if you have i would be very gratefull if you can tell me anything about it ,thanks

Tiffany on 8/8/16 @ 8:54am

I followed all of these steps and it still tries to initialize. Then it comes back up as plug in dongle then hit okay. The dongle is lit up and the computer is recognizing it, but the program is not.

b.gottier on 8/9/16 @ 1:55pm

Hi Tiffany. It sounds like you're going to need to sit with somebody that can look at your computer and make it right. The light on the dongle is a good sign, but there's not much else I can do or suggest.

Jolien Engelbrecht on 8/20/16 @ 4:40am

Ive got the Janome DigitizerPro v2.0 and my computer doesn't open the Program with my key anymore. It says: Key not Found

b.gottier on 8/20/16 @ 8:00am

... and that's usually caused by the key not being recognized by your computer as a fully functioning hardware device. When you plug in the dongle, does it's red light ever turn on?

Catherine on 8/25/16 @ 3:52am

I recently purchased a second hand janome 10001 with digitizer mbx 4 and memory cards. Every time if go to transfer it to my machine via the card I get a
"ATA PC Card Memory Error, do you want to delete the damaged data or unknown data" message so of course I hit ok and my file is not there, but the previous owners files are still there. I'm at my wits end, I've tried using the cable to transfer as this wasn't working but the I says the drivers are unknown and I cant even fix that-and I've tried following the driver installation instructions. Cannot be found.
What is my problem? Could the problem be that my cards are second hand (I have tried 2 different ones).

b.gottier on 8/25/16 @ 8:02am

It sounds like the cards are corrupt, and as for the specific driver so you can use the cable, these would normally come with the machine. What kind of machine is it?

Anna Haffner on 8/27/16 @ 7:02pm

I have a Janome 11000se. Trying to upgrade my Digitizer Jr 4.5 to Digitizer MBX v5 and when I went to register and activate it, I'm getting this msg: "The attached dongle is not valid for this update. Please attach the correct dongle" Any ideas?

Anna Haffner on 8/27/16 @ 7:07pm

I did try to install the driver above but when I extracted the zip file, it didn't list the contents so I couldn't select the HASPUserSetup.exe. The only thing I could select was the Sentinel_LDK_Run-time_setup

Anna Haffner on 8/28/16 @ 11:00am

By the way, I'm running Windows 7. I've been reading that it's easier to upgrade when you have Windows 10 but it's possible to do with 7

b.gottier on 8/28/16 @ 5:08pm

Anna, it sounds like you're going to require some technical support by your dealer. In cases like this, I'd usually have my customers bring their computer to me and then I'd call Janome technical support for them. I suggest bringing your computer to your dealer and letting them get it working. Keep in mind that Janome doesn't offer training to dealers that goes in depth into issues like this, so dealers end up contacting Janome in such cases.

Cindy on 10/3/16 @ 7:56pm

The computer I was using my Digitizer Pro with upgrades is toast. I am left holding my digitizer pro dongle in my hand. I have my embroidery files on my external harddrive. I cannot find the cd I believe it came with it to reinstall. What do I do to get started on my new computer? Please,Please and Thank You

b.gottier on 10/5/16 @ 12:14am

I think that Janome has (or has had in the past) installation discs that can be purchased. Go see you local dealer and ask them to call Janome for you.

Linda Harper on 11/3/17 @ 6:05am

If you have to get new software, I will be glad to buy your dongle from you. I am stuck without one.

Kristy on 10/23/16 @ 4:12pm

Hi, I own Janome Digitizer Pro V.1 which has been uprgraded to the V2. I recently purchased the Janome Digitizer MBX 4.5 uprgrade. I have it installed but when I try to open it , it says system error along with several other exceptions. What can I do to get it to open up. Thanks so much

b.gottier on 10/23/16 @ 4:19pm

I recommend getting technical support from your dealer (the person you bought the software from). Part of what you buy when you buy software is this type of support, and it's important because the dealer may need to call Janome (while sitting in front of your computer) to fix your problem. Over the years we've sold a few brands of software, and I've had to work with numerous customers to get their software working. In most cases they needed to bring the computer to our store, and in many cases it was necessary to call the software manufacturer.

If you didn't buy the software from a dealer, try calling your local Janome dealer and ask them what they would charge for technical support.

Linda Harper on 11/3/17 @ 6:08am

If you end up with an extra dongle, I will be glad to buy it from you.

Ku on 12/8/16 @ 6:53pm

I recently had mb pro and mb upgrade version 3 downloaded to my hp laptop running windows 10. I have had this set up for a couple years now. I recently had to restore my computer to its original state. in doing so all my programs were removed to include my digitizer program. I tried to reload the program but it keeps giving me an error 7 code telling me to connect my new dongle. it does not complete download due to not being able to find my dongle. I tried everything suggested here and nothing seems to work. is there something I'm missing that I should be doing or am I out of luck and need to purchase another program?

b.gottier on 12/9/16 @ 10:55am

Ku, this question exceeds our knowledge of troubleshooting errors related to Janome software. I suggest contacting them directly.

Shawn on 1/13/17 @ 7:27pm

I just bought the premier + software and the software install shows the dongle has been activated but the dongle is not showing up. The computer is new with windows10 and I downloaded the "newest" Hasp drivers from the premier+ site but to no avail. Is there an actual site for the Hasp drivers? Maybe a 64 bit issue? Please help me.

b.gottier on 1/14/17 @ 10:17pm

If you just search google for "hasp drivers", the official site comes up where you can download them.

Nelda on 1/29/17 @ 1:28am

I have Husqvarna Viking Jade 35 sewing machine and I have premier + embroidery software but when i design something and put into usb stick my sewing machine did not show on display my saving info from my computer.Can you tell me please what i did wrong?

b.gottier on 2/1/17 @ 6:51pm

Somebody else might be able to tell you what you did wrong, but we are not a Husqvarna dealer, so we don't have the information you need.

AMy on 2/13/17 @ 7:19pm

haivng the same issue right now! did you figure it out. if so please email me.

Edita on 2/5/17 @ 1:52pm

Hello, I have just started using my Janome MC 500e and am having trouble connecting with my laptop to transfer the file from my editor. I have a Toshiba laptop and windows 10.

b.gottier on 2/6/17 @ 11:18pm

It's hard to make a suggestion with the little info you've given. Can you be more specific? What exactly are you doing when you attempt the transfer?

Judy on 2/7/17 @ 1:09pm

Dongle quit in the middle of use. Light stays on but software closes. To attempt to reopen, software no longer recognizes dongle and will not open. Is there a work around?

b.gottier on 2/10/17 @ 12:44am

One of the following may help:
- Try re-installing the dongle drivers.
- Try re-installing the software.
- Try re-installing the operating system.
- Call the software manufacturer for support.

Jean on 4/8/17 @ 8:23pm

I have a Janome MC9900. I have a cd from Dakota which I have loaded on my usb but the files do not show up on my machine. I have copies other files from CDs that worked fine. Any suggestions? All my other jef files show up when I open the EMbf file on my 9900.

b.gottier on 4/10/17 @ 3:06pm

If you have other JEF files that are sitting right next to the Dakota files, and if you can see them but not the Dakota ones, then first try changing the names of the files so they have no non-alphanumeric characters. If that doesn't work, I'd bring the machine to your local Janome dealer and ask for help. The Dakota files could be corrupt, I suppose. Have you been able to use them before, or with another machine?

Janet Span on 8/14/17 @ 6:27am

I have a Husqvarna Ruby. I just purchased the Premiere + embroidery system. When I go to activate code, I put in code and it says that activation code is incorrect for this software. It apparently requires a dongle which was not provided with software and I do not have one. What do I do?

a.woerth on 8/14/17 @ 1:18pm

I think the only thing you can do is call the dealer that sold it to you. I'm sure they'll be happy to help you, either by giving you a dongle, or calling Husqvarna to let them know it was not in the box.

Joyce on 9/10/17 @ 6:53pm

I have a memory 10000 I got used I am trying to read the ata cards and it says communication error what does that mean and how to fix it please . Thankyou

b.gottier on 9/11/17 @ 3:13pm

Sounds like 1 of 2 things Either the card is no longer good, or machine has a circuit board problem. That'd be my best guess.

M. nord on 10/6/17 @ 6:16am

So glad I found you. I need to download the Janome Digitizer to my new computer and it stopped at loading the dongle so I am going to try your instructions. I will let you know how it goes.

M. nord on 10/6/17 @ 7:15am

Thank you...Thank you..Thank you...I had to do a little searching but was able to complete the process and it works! Gemalto customer service page that I found on the Sentinel page got me to the downloads finally. You may want to update your page. My guess is Gemalto is now part of the company. Thank you again sooooooooooooo very glad I found your page.

carole on 10/7/17 @ 5:55am

i just bought a Janome 500E and I cannot download the Embroidery Editor ver 1.00 on my Mac. Can you help me?

b.gottier on 10/8/17 @ 4:00pm

Carole, I can't find any information that says Embroidery Editor works on a Mac. Janome's only online document specifically says it is for PC. You might need to use Mac's boot camp feature, or install Windows in a virtual machine. Before you do any of that, I suggest asking around a bit more, or possibly calling Janome directly.

lisa on 11/14/17 @ 9:30am

I have a mc11000 and I have problems downloading SOME jef files to my machine, others are fine. Very frustrating! if it shows up with a file icon after being unzipped, I can open it, but if it shows up with a white page icon after being unzipped, I can't. Also at times when there are several sizes, only the smallest one will appear. My machine says 1/2 pages at the top, but at the bottom the arrows are not highlighted, so I cant go to the next page.

Nancy Hundhausen on 1/16/18 @ 11:36am

I purchased a used MC 11000 that came with the Digitizer V1 software. I am running windows 7 on my PC and was able to download the Hasp driver and make the Dongle work. The program goes through the complete installation and and says ready to use but when I click on the shortcut it tries to open then gives me an error message. Any ideas?

b.gottier on 1/18/18 @ 5:52pm

What does the error message say?

Nancy on 1/23/18 @ 5:48pm

If I try to open the Design Gallery the error message says " Couldn't load the dll ''libintf.dll". If I try to open the Easy Design. It doesn't do anything. K

b.gottier on 1/24/18 @ 8:02am

Nancy, you require assistance that we cannot give you. We are not trained by Janome to handle errors like the one you are seeing. Please contact Janome directly at janome.com

Nancy on 1/24/18 @ 10:44am

Thank you

marilyn lea on 4/6/18 @ 3:23pm

How did you download the zip file Sentinel_LDK_Run-time_setup. did you have to register with the Germalto company?

b.gottier on 4/6/18 @ 6:22pm

The link most people are going to want to click on says, "Sentinel HASP/LDK - Windows GUI Run-time Installer". You don't have to register with Germalto, as far as I know. I tried to download the file just now, and only had to accept a licensing agreement.

Paul Rogers on 4/9/18 @ 8:54pm

I have a janome mb4 and have the software but no dongle can I get one or get around the dongle issue. Do they have the software and dongle that can be bought.

b.gottier on 4/10/18 @ 8:56am

Paul, without the dongle, software that does not have a dongle is impossible to use. I suppose if you were a hacker you might be able to figure something out, but I've never heard of somebody doing it. Fortunately, we do sell Janome software that will work with your MB4, and it does not require a dongle. Janome's modern software is registered over the internet, eliminating the need for the dongle. Call our store anytime during normal business hours, and we'll be able to give you more information and a price. (951) 694-9576

Debby Cress on 4/18/18 @ 12:24pm

I am having trouble installing my software and dongle. My laptop has been loaded back to factory and now it does not see my software and dongle. Can you help me?

Renee Allen on 6/14/19 @ 10:32pm

I am looking for the disc that the drivers are on, can I get a copy of yours. Its obsolete now an I cant find it anywhere.

sreshta on 4/11/18 @ 1:30am

while am installing wilcom es 1.5 software , it is showing dongle is not detected error . What to do.

Hester Dicker on 5/7/18 @ 1:38am

I installed pfaff 5D suite it gives cannot locate hasp 0033

geraldine Lyle on 6/4/18 @ 10:40am

I have a Janome upgraded digitizer, MBX v4.0 I have been using it for a few years. Today it does not work, no light on the dongle!!! do I have a major problem?

Robin Moody on 6/25/18 @ 5:08pm

I can never tell you how much I appreciate your info on the dongles not being recognized. Because of this I was able to make my $1500 software work. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Robin Moody on 6/25/18 @ 5:16pm

Because of your info on machines not being able to recognize dongles, I got my $1500 software to work. That was a huge expenditure for me and I thought it was trash. I will check with you first for any embroidery needs from now on. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Lyn Butler on 7/11/18 @ 8:28pm

I have a Janome 11000 I have been using the digitizer Jr through my laptop for a few years which has since died now I want to use it through my surface, how do I download the program onto my surface, it doesn't take a CD only the dongle. Many thanks for any assistance

Corrine Flatz on 7/17/18 @ 1:55pm

I wanted to thank you for posting this SUPER HELPFUL information! I purchased a used Janome Horizon 12000 and was having difficulty installing the Digitizer Jr software, due to the dongle not being recognized by my computer. I followed your directions and finally got success....thank you so much!!!

Liss Jones on 8/6/18 @ 5:00pm

I'm not very good with the computer but you made this so easy, Thank you!

russ masneri on 8/9/18 @ 4:18pm

THANK YOU.... new computer would not recognize dongle.... so glad I found this.... easy too

Kathy higgins on 8/12/18 @ 3:52am

Hi. I bought a new laptop with Windows 10 and want to download the janome digitizing software. I have probably used the 3 x times life for the dongle over the years. So, any suggestions would be helpful. Thank you

b.gottier on 8/13/18 @ 1:45pm

Hi Kathy. It might be easier for us to help you if you call the store during normal business hours. We'd be glad to help if we can. (951) 694-9576

Sue Nanney on 8/12/18 @ 6:17pm

Ditto what Russ Masneri said. New Windows 10 computer and laptop and would not recognize dongle. So happy to be able to use my DigiPro again!

Maya on 8/25/18 @ 5:49am

When I run wings XP 2.5 embroidery software they show hasp HL key not found

Robin L Bess on 9/17/18 @ 4:55pm

I would have NEVER figured this out on my own...this worked!

Barb Watson on 12/27/18 @ 6:02pm

Thanks for the info. It's made my life so much easier!

Catherine Kusmierczyk on 2/19/19 @ 3:49pm

I have a Husqvarna Viking Designer 1 embroidery machine. I put the Customizing software on along with Acrobat Reader 5.0 on my Windows 10 HP and it does not recognize the dongle either; what do I need?

Maryam Sadiq on 3/26/19 @ 12:29am

I have janome Embroidery machine 350E , I bought it from
John Lewis in london .
I need Help !!! I cannot activate the Janome Digitizer JR v5.
It says the software program error and then another pop up appears over the top of the previous saying "A valid license to run digitizer cannot be found, i am trying to download from the sit, i live in kuwait and there is no janome agent . I've tried uninstalling it and reinstalling it, and it still won't work. I've put the latest update on there from the Janome website and nothing. I use Microsoft laptop window 10, This is so frustrating. I've been trying for 4 days now and can't get it to work.
please i need someone to contact me to solve the problem.


Maria Jasso on 4/18/19 @ 9:55am

I have a Happy Japan embroidery machines with Wilcom Embroidery Studio 2.0 ask me for the HASP key but I don't found it. Which one I need?

Barbara Dippel on 5/13/19 @ 3:34pm

I have an Iris Viking with dongle and 4D program worked good.Purchased 4DExtra and I can not get the dongle to

Jamie Thurber on 6/22/19 @ 2:00pm

If your have digitizer jr install the digitizer service pack JanomeDigitizerJrServicePack. fixed the problem on both mu windows 10 laptops.

Beloved J on 8/5/19 @ 11:43am

All these years later, this is STILL the way to fix dongle issues. I just had Windows 10 installed on my personal laptop after verifying that my embroidery software would work with it (installed it on my work laptop and then took it off). The laptop just wouldn't see the dongle and after going through tons of troubleshooting sites and videos, I landed on this one. Amazing that you wrote this so long ago and the fix still works! THANKS!

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