Following “The Rules” When Selling Janome Machines

JusticeAs a Janome dealer, we are told that we must abide by some basic rules when selling Janome sewing machines. A quick summary of those rules are as follows:

  • Some machines are not allowed to be sold or have prices shown on the internet.
  • Some machines are allowed to be sold on the internet, but minimum advertised prices are set by Janome.
  • Some machines sold in stores are supposed to be sold for at least a minimum price.

This week we had a customer from North San Diego County call us, wanting to know what our “best price” was on a Janome Horizon MC7700. This is a machine that dealers are supposed to sell for a minimum price, and Temecula Valley Sewing Center has always followed the rules, so we told the customer the minimum price set by Janome. The customer went on to say that her local dealer was going to sell her the machine for $700 less! Not wanting to break the rules, but feeling rather let down, we told the customer that we were not willing to break the rules, and we lost a potential sale.

This little incident bothered us, as a sale of a Janome Horizon sewing machine means a lot to us. So we contacted our Janome representative, telling him what had happened. In the past, Janome has always said that dealers who didn’t follow the rules were at risk of either not being allowed to place any more orders, having orders shipped at low priority, or having their dealer status removed.

It’s important to understand that the phone call described above was not an isolated incident.

Our Janome representative called us shortly after we contacted him, and in no uncertain terms, told us that since Janome did not have any signed contractual agreement regarding the minimum sales price of the Janome Horizon 7700, that we could technically sell the machine for whatever price we wanted to. In fact, with the exception of the new Janome Horizon 12000, this is true for any model. We were told that we should do whatever it takes to make the sale.

So, if you have called us in the past and we have told you that we were following the rules, and that you would have to go to that other dealer who was not, we want to apologize. We would certainly like to have sold you your sewing machine, and in the future we will do “whatever it takes”.

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Reader Comments (15)

deborah on 9/13/12 @ 6:09am

So.....What is your best price on a Janome Horizon Memory Craft 7700QCP???

b.gottier on 10/11/12 @ 1:45pm

The best price for me, or the best price for you? LOL

leonie norman on 1/6/13 @ 1:23am

What is your best price?

J.Neighbors on 10/27/12 @ 3:17pm

I've been looking for a mid arm machine and came across the Janome 7700, 11"! I'm in heaven, but now I know why I can't locate a price for it. That is so frustrating. I like to pay cash.....So I'll settle for something that has a price tag on it. This message is coming from the Alleghany Mountain region.

Shanelle Peters on 3/10/13 @ 11:03pm

I'd really like the Janome 12000. You're my closest Janome dealer, so I'll be coming by soon. I really like your blog, and I feel like I can trust you.

Robin Morissette on 3/14/13 @ 11:16am

I own a janome7700 that is way too complicated for an old woman who isn't computer smart. I would like to sell it for a reasonable price. Please advise

b.gottier on 3/14/13 @ 3:21pm

Robin, you might try ebay or craigslist. If you are close, perhaps you would be interested in private classes to learn your machine? Let me know...

Remi on 3/18/13 @ 9:43am

Do you still have your Janome for sale. How much are you asking.

Eddie on 3/19/13 @ 4:04am

If you were in Australia Robin I would be offering to buy it from you... Here we are paying on average 30-40% more for a machine than the rest of the world.... Janome probably don't want prices advertised online in the hope that we don't find out exactly how badly we are being ripped off here!

Mary Ellen Werner on 6/12/13 @ 6:20am

Do you still have it? I may be interested. Where are you located? I am in NW Ohio.

Sylvia Blissett on 7/30/13 @ 10:35am

Do you still have your Janome 7700 machine? Do you still want to sell it? If so, what is your price? I just sold my Janome 6600 because I hated how the feet were attached with that big screw to work around. I thought the 7700 might be better. Thanks.

b.gottier on 8/6/13 @ 12:36pm

Hi Sylvia. We do sell the 7700, but would rather not talk about pricing in blog comments. Please call the store during regular business hours.

Caro Erson on 7/22/14 @ 3:14pm

I don't mean to offend anyone, but those "rules" sound very much like price fixing. People have been sued for doing that and there have been class action suits against them e.g. magazine companies, CD's... We live in a democracy and you should be able to sell at whatever price you desire. That is very off putting!

b.gottier on 8/4/14 @ 4:19pm

Caro, I understand what you are saying. From a dealer's point of view it's actually nice, although it seems that a few dealers will always break those rules. So as a dealer, I wouldn't want to make waves, just because I think the rules benefit me. As a customer, I think you will see more and more of this in the future.

Teresa Thrush on 3/7/16 @ 3:12am

I was wondering and trying to figure out why this is so. Yeah, wanting the Janome 500E. Only one dealer in my area, only one sewing machine store. Only one price. To get one I would have to travel out of state or order from over sea. A seasoned embroidery machine user. A deal breaker for me and it's a doggone shame.

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