Hurricane Sandy – Janome

Hurricane SandyIt is no secret that Hurricane Sandy caused devastating damage to the East Coast and many of the Eastern states. Some of you may not be aware that Janome America’s US headquarters are in Mahwah, New Jersey.

We have received two reports from Janome regarding their status from the storm. Although they did not appear to experience equipment or inventory damage, they had no power and phone service. Recently, when Japan had a very large earthquake, Janome experience some trouble because their headquarters is in Japan. Temecula Valley Sewing Center would appreciate your thoughts and prayers for our friends at Janome.

Here are some exerpts from Janome’s emails to us:

As you know, the northeast has been affected by a severe hurricane. We want to extend our sincere concern to all of our dealers who were affected by Hurricane Sandy; we hope that you and your employees are all safe.

We are happy to report that all Janome America employees are safe and accounted for. However, our headquarters in New Jersey currently does not have power or phone service. … We are not sure when power will be restored. We appreciate your support and patience during this time. We will keep you informed of our progress on a daily basis.

The safety of our employees remains our number one priority. It is unlikely that our team can return to work safely for the remainder of this week. Since our computer system is housed in an offsite secure data center, we have been able to process a significant number of orders remotely with a “skeleton crew” of very dedicated employees over the past few days. This includes entering orders that were scheduled to ship and orders received from our DSMs, as well as re-routing inbound shipments, approving credit, processing payments and shipping MACHINE orders from our warehouse in Nevada.

Our team is anxious to get back to our headquarters in Mahwah, NJ to resume business. Thankfully, we did not sustain any damage to our property or inventory on hand. Merchandise in transit was also unaffected. Unfortunately however, the electricity is still out in NJ, power lines are down and fallen trees make getting to work quite difficult and dangerous.

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