Janome 6500 Presser Foot Lifter Not Staying Up?

Presser Foot LifterEvery so often I get a Janome 6500 in for an annual service that has a presser foot lifter that doesn’t want to stay up. If I try really hard I can get it to stay up, but it’s not easy, and it’s certainly not the way the presser foot lifter was designed to work. It’s very frustrating, even during the short sew-off portion of the annual service, to cope with the presser foot slamming down when I try to raise it up. If you have a Janome 6500 with this problem, then you know just what I’m talking about.

In the image to the right I am showing the presser foot lifter. It is quite easily removed from the machine. A large screw goes through the hole at the top of the lifter. Once that screw is loosened and removed, the lifter comes right out. The screw isn’t accessible without removing the “Front Plate Unit”, but this part comes off easily because it is only held on with one spring and two screws.

How to Fix the Presser Foot Lifter

I use a razor blade to score the holding surface of the presser foot lifter. This is the area that would be responsible for holding the presser foot up, and in my image is the upper left portion of the lifter. It takes less than a minute to score this surface and make it rough enough to do the job. Once properly scored, I put it back in the machine. It works every time!

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Nancy on 3/6/13 @ 11:58am

How much do you charge to do this?

Nancy on 3/6/13 @ 12:00pm

I meant if you do it all by itself.

b.gottier on 3/8/13 @ 12:04am

Nancy, if all you want me to do is fix your presser foot lifter, I'll do it for our minimum service charge, which is $29.00. This minimum service charge is subject to change at any time (but it hasn't in years).

Erin on 8/1/13 @ 1:40pm

I am having the opposite problem with mine. The presser foot lifter is not dropping. I tried oiling the spring area, but that didn't work. It's very frustrating when sewing through a piece with both thick layers and thin layers because the foot won't drop properly between the two. Any thoughts on how to fix this?

b.gottier on 8/6/13 @ 12:34pm

Hi Erin. There is a common problem with a spring that is in that area getting bent and not allowing the presser foot to drop all the way. It's kind of a flat spring, and when speaking with Janome techs they told me that they don't even know why it is there. The problem is, removal requires disassembly that goes beyond what you can do without being a knowledgeable sewing machine tech, so you're going to have to bring it to your dealer for a diagnostic.

Erin on 8/8/13 @ 4:54am

Thanks for the advice! I'll bring it in to the repair shop.

Norma on 12/25/13 @ 12:43pm

Similar to the "Janome 6500 Presser Foot Lifter Not Staying Up", is there a quick fix for the Janome 9500 Presser Foot Lifter Not Staying Up?

I can easily remove the front plate cover, but it appears that the screw I would need to access would come in from the back-side of the machine - which covered in plastic.

Also, are there any illustrated parts manuals that can be down-loaded?



b.gottier on 12/25/13 @ 5:36pm

Hi Norma, Unfortunately for you I can't provide you with Janome parts or service manuals. What you might try is putting the presser foot down, and then from the back of the machine see if you can't use some sort of tool to score the area where it contacts the presser foot bar linkage.

sally d. on 4/10/14 @ 4:32pm

I was able to reach in from the back with a thin razor knife and score the top portion of the lifter on my Janome 5200, without taking anything apart. It worked wonderfully to solve the problem of the presser foot not staying up. Thank you!

Wendy Watkins on 6/27/14 @ 6:49pm

Janome 6500P

a) the knee lift bar tends to vibrate out and drop on the floor when sewing. Should there be an o-ring or a cir-clip to secure it in place?

b) the thread will often come out of the take-up lever when you commence sewing. Is this a common characteristic of this model?

b.gottier on 7/2/14 @ 12:42pm

A) Are you sure you are pushing the knee lift bar in all the way? Most of the time the knee bar is tight, and it can be hard to remove without pulling hard.

B) What type of thread are you sewing with? If you are using a spiral wound thread on the vertical spool pins, yes your thread may pop out of the take-up lever. If you're not using a spiral wound thread, it could still be your thread, but try a thread net. The problem really has nothing to do with the model, but more likely the thread used and how it is mounted.

Alyce on 9/28/14 @ 5:54pm

Would this fix work on a mechanical Brother XR-52? I have the plastic cover off the machine but can't easily access the presser foot assembly. The presser foot will go all the way up but doesn't stay in that position. It stays half way up. Otherwise machine is great.

b.gottier on 10/8/14 @ 5:24pm

It might work. All you can do is try. What's the worst that can happen?

Vicky on 10/7/15 @ 2:20am

Hi there, I am having trouble stitching a crepe fabric. When I sew on cotton there are no problems, but as soon as I try to stitch the crepe, the presser foot signal comes up and won't let me sew. Please help.

Sandy on 10/30/15 @ 9:20am

Can you tell me how to remove the face plate on a Janome DC1050. I have removed the screw in the back but the cover will not come off. There is a thread stuck inside that I can't pull out.

b.gottier on 10/30/15 @ 1:45pm

Sandy, the left end cover has some clips built in, so as you are seeing the screw isn't the only thing that needs to be taken out to allow it to be removed. Unfortunately, it's difficult to describe how to pull the cover so the clips come apart, but that's all that is holding you back. Fortunately for you, just having a thread in there will most likely not cause any problems. If it is causing sewing problems, then you will most likely not be able to do enough just by pulling on it.

Dede on 4/14/16 @ 6:45pm

My Janome 2010 was having the same trouble with the presser foot lever. I finally got fed up with it not staying up and found your website. I was encouraged when I saw your fix so I began to take the machine panels off in order to get to the lever. It was not a quick fix but I kept telling myself that you weren't referring to my model. I got the lever shaved off and it works! While I had all the covers off, I did some cleaning and oiling. Thank you so much for posting this fix.

Susie Sayre on 5/19/16 @ 8:09am

I cannot get the preser foot to latch onto the shank. It is a Janome Memory Craft 6600. Any suggestions?
I line it up, drop it onto the foot, but when I lift the mechanism, the foot isn't attached to shank.

b.gottier on 5/19/16 @ 9:27am

Hi Susie. I would take the shank off of the presser foot bar, and look at the bottom of the shank. If you press the release button (usually red or black), and if the little wire that holds a presser foot sole on does not move out of the way enough to snap on the sole, then your shank may need to be replaced. Also, if the wire is broken or missing, there would be nothing left to hold the sole on. In that case you would need to replace the shank.

Debbie on 8/13/16 @ 1:09am

The presser foot indicator comes on when i put anything under it and try to sew... machine goes beautifully as long as i dont want to sew anything... have even tried just sewing paper and it keeps telling me to lower pressure foot.... Very frustrating. .. help

b.gottier on 8/13/16 @ 11:57am

Sounds like you need to visit your local sewing machine technician. It's probably just a dirty micro-switch, but you'll still need to bring it in.

Deb on 8/13/16 @ 6:17pm

Many thanks will do...

fatma lulu on 8/22/16 @ 10:24am

my press foot is stuck up ,it can't go down any help

b.gottier on 8/22/16 @ 12:52pm

You might try to work some oil into the presser foot bar and see if that helps.

Terri on 1/14/17 @ 9:41pm

Please please tell me how to open up the plastic shell of the machine to get at this part. It would mean so much. The slamming down of the foot has caused me not to use this machine much. My other machine is mechanical and the Janome doing this is my only computerized machine. Thank you so much!!!!!!!

b.gottier on 1/14/17 @ 10:22pm

Terri, it's really not possible for me to write up directions for you to do your own repair, but I will say that without taking anything apart you may be able to score the lifter handle at the surface where it touches the part it lifts. If your machine hasn't been serviced recently, you likely need to have it serviced. When you bring it in for service, just have them replace the lifter handle. It's really an inexpensive part.

Sim Ulug on 1/30/17 @ 12:28pm

How do you clean the micro switch of the presser foot? Even though the presser foot down the screen keep showing that put the presser down so the machine won't start sewing. It's a Janome 6500.

b.gottier on 2/1/17 @ 6:53pm

Sim, just look for the microswitch. You'll find it. When you find it, you might remove it and spray it with some electrical contact cleaner. We can't offer instructions to do this though, as it would be a lot to write.

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