Janome 6700 Professional Sewing Machine

Janome 6700 Sewing Machine - Angled ViewLast month, on the 9th of August, I traveled out to Las Vegas, Nevada for Janome’s City Limits Tour. At this event I was able to preview their new 6700P model, and learn what makes it special. It’s quite impressive, and I would have liked to share the details with you sooner, but dealers were advised to wait until the official launch date (today) to give out info or post pictures of this machine online.

For owners of Janome’s 6500 and 6600 sewing machines that have loved their machines and didn’t think they’d ever want to purchase another one, the 6700 will make you want to upgrade.

There are a lot of great features on this new machine, but I have a couple of favorites. First, there is a new motor, it’s fast, and it’s got more punching power. This machine sews up to 1200 stitches per minute, which is the fastest in its class. It also has 30% more power to sew through heavier fabrics. Even if you don’t sew heavy materials, this is still a great thing, because your sewing on any weight fabric will feel effortless.

My next favorite feature is the bright lights. None of us are getting any younger, and in the last few years my vision has really changed. I need more lights for everything (and reading glasses too). The lighting system on the Janome 6700P is outstanding. They call it “shadowless”.

Next thing to be impressed with is the new needle threader. Although Janome had now perfected the needle threader on its top-of-the-line sewing machine, I liked their needle threader on the 9400 better because I could control it manually. The 6700 has the same needle threader as the 9400.

For quilters, the arm length of the 6700 is even larger than the 6500 and 6600. At around 10.5 inches, there’s plenty of space for your quilts. You could even put this machine on one of the small quilting frames.

Anyone can appreciate that the needle plate no longer needs to be unscrewed to get it off. Janome created a needle plate release switch on the base of the machine. Swapping out bobbin cases or cleaning the hook area no longer requires tools. That’s a great thing, because those screws can be hard to get out, even when you have the right screwdriver.

I’ll probably come back and update this post later, but just wanted to share a little about this new machine with you. If you love sewing and quilting, you’ll love the Janome 6700.

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Reader Comments (9)

Jackie Rodewald on 9/7/17 @ 9:23am

Does this machine have the alphabets in the stitching mode?

b.gottier on 9/7/17 @ 5:54pm

Jackie, yes it does have alphabets. 5 of them!

Jennifer on 10/15/17 @ 9:45am

Are you carrying this machine in your store yet?

b.gottier on 10/15/17 @ 3:47pm

Yes, the official launch date for this machine was over a month ago. We do have this machine in our showroom. You're welcome to come by and check it out.

ali maseer on 12/23/17 @ 12:50pm

I really liked this machine. But how much price? Can it be shipped to Iraq?

b.gottier on 12/23/17 @ 11:32pm

Ali, we can't quote a price here on our website, and I'm sorry but we cannot sell outside of the United States.

joseph on 1/20/18 @ 1:15pm

What is the price, and can it be shipped be shipped to Houston?

b.gottier on 1/22/18 @ 7:56am

Joseph, you'd need to call the store for pricing. 951-694-9576

philip on 6/8/19 @ 1:20pm

how many amps does the motor on this thing have?

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