Janome 7700 vs Janome 8200 vs Janome 8900

Janome 7700 vs Janome 8200 vs Janome 8900

When standing in front of the Janome 7700, 8200, and 8900 sewing machines, it can be difficult to point out all of the differences to our customers. These machines have all been in production for years, and while they look similar, there are some major differences.

How Accessories Differ Between Models

We have always marvelled at the abundance of accessories Janome includes with its machines.  Putting the mechanical differences aside for a moment, it is important to note the differences in the accessories included with the 7700, 8200, and 8900.

All three models come standard with the following feet, 7MM or 9MM depending on model:

  • Foot A – Zigzag Foot
  • Foot C – Over Edge Foot
  • Foot D – Rolled Hem Foot
  • Foot E – Zipper Foot
  • Foot F – Applique Foot
  • Foot F2 – Open Toe Applique Foot
  • Foot G – Blind Hem Foot
  • Foot H – 3-Way Cording Foot
  • Foot M – Overlocking Foot
  • Foot P – Open Toe Darning Foot
  • Foot R – Automatic Buttonhole Foot
  • Foot T – Button Sewing Foot
  • Foot O – 1/4″ Foot
  • Even Feed Foot (Walking Foot)

In addition to the above accessories, the following item is included with the 7700 and 8900

  • Convertible Free Motion Foot

A few additional (important) accessories are included with ONLY the 8900

  • Acrylic Extension Table
  • Extra Large Foot Controller

Only the 8200 and the 8900 have the easy release needle plates (no screws.) The zigzag plate and the straight stitch plate are included in the standard accessories for both machines.

The 7700 needle plate converts from a zigzag plate to a straight stitch plate with a touch of a button. This system is called APC, which is short for Automatic Plate Converter.

Differences Between All 3 Models

7700 8200 8900
Maximum Stitch Width 7mm 9mm 9mm
Walking Foot Type AcuFeed AcuFeed Flex AcuFeed Flex
Number of Stitches 250 170 270
Number of Buttonholes 11 10 11
Needle Up / Down Memorized Memorized Yes
Needle Positions 71 91 91
Twin Needle Guard Yes Yes Yes
Accepts Remote Cutter No Yes Yes
Needle Plate Conversion APC Separate Plates Separate Plates
Fonts for Monogramming 1 2 3
Available Online Yes No No

AccuFeed vs AccuFeed Flex

The 7700 has a slightly different type of built-in walking foot compared to the 8200 and 8900. The 7700 inherited the same type of built-in walking foot as the Professional series 6600. This original version of AccuFeed has a component that hangs down near the presser foot attachment screw. The 8200 and the 8900 have AccuFeed Flex, which is a newer version of AccuFeed, and the component that hangs down near the presser foot attachment screw has been removed.

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Reader Comments (22)

Trisha on 10/24/15 @ 10:07am

I loathed the Janome 7700, the first Janome I had ever had too. I sold it after a year on ebay, for half what I paid for it, fully serviced and went back to my 25 year old workhorse of a mechanical Pfaff, still the best stitch I've seen anywhere and it sews through anything. The Janome race hook broke within months, as did plastic external parts and as an experienced sewer and tutor, I found it was over complicated rather than dependable. You could do many of the things with my old machine, such as stop with needle up/down just with foot control as it was so sensitive and you can hear and feel its working. The Janome felt like a plastic toy thing by comparison. Unfortunately the pfaff no longer has parts available and will have to replace before long. Any good reliable machine you know of - preferably mechanical, although I may get a computerized one as a second eventually. Pfaff have been taken over now and apparently not so good, would you go for a Bernina instead?

b.gottier on 10/26/15 @ 3:13pm

I find your stated problems rather odd, as we have sold quite a few of the 7700s, and the only problems our customers have had is with the needle plate. I can tell you that underneath those plastic covers is a pretty robust metal frame, and the Horizon machines in general are very dependable. Maybe you just got a lemon.

The hook race breaking is something I've never seen in any Janome in all of the years I have been doing repairs. What exterior parts broke? Did you buy it on the internet, or from your local dealer? What did your local dealer say about the broken parts?

Stef Robertson on 6/30/16 @ 4:18pm

DONT get the Bernina 770 QE..... Massive nester: backstitching and using auto cutter seems to eventually detail it....Bernina not good on support...overpriced

Susan on 12/6/15 @ 6:56am

My Janome Horizon 7700 with the ruby red face plate was my dream machine that has become a nightmare. The needle hole converter jammed and broke off. What I discovered, this was a good thing, no more fiddling with that thing. It will only sew beautifully with certain bobbins. I have a bunch of bobbins that I purchased at a Janome dealer, pre-wound. They have a rectangular hole not a round hole. the 7700 will not play nicely with these bobbins. It jams, lifts the bobbin or makes terrible stitches. Problem two solved, don't use those bobbins. The machine was shredding the thread, I use Gutterman. I threw out more than one fresh titanium needle, it was not the needles. This problem stopped of its own accord. Recently the fabric would gather behind the needle. I sew mainly garments, mainly soft cottons and knits. I made a pair of pants had no problems.

I sat down to sew yesterday and the needle was hitting something. I checked the bobbin case all was fine. I took out the bobbin case, and can see that the needle is hitting the bobbin race, it hits in many places, by turning the hand wheel slowly I can see that this is the problem. How did this happen and how to fix it?

I purchased this from a dealer on eBay, and I live in Mexico, it is not an easy thing to return this or even buy a new one. I am broken-hearted, frustrated and angry. Any ideas?

b.gottier on 12/6/15 @ 2:22pm

I'll admit, I have had a few customers with 7700s where the needle plate converter jammed or broke, but that's where the problems should end. The real problem, and one I continually emphasize is a problem, is buying a sewing machine online. It may be impossible to buy locally, but when you buy on the internet, that dealer is your supporting dealer. The problems you describe should be looked at by a qualified Janome technician. I can only recommend sending the machine to your dealer for service.

bob on 7/7/17 @ 7:32pm

just buy another bobbin case

Valorie on 12/19/15 @ 5:14pm

I have been in a love / hate relationship with my Janome 7700 since I bought it in 2010. Today as I was winding a bobbin, the machine stopped working and started smoking inside near the needle take-up lever and then displayed an E1 error. It will be going into the dealer that I bought it from but I hardly think with the minimum use it has had that this should have happened and I am assuming right now that it is probably out of warranty. I am not a happy 1st time Janome owner right now.

b.gottier on 12/25/15 @ 2:27pm

It sounds like you probably just blew a fuse. If that's the case, your dealer might be able to tell you why it blew. If thread got wrapped up in the machine somewhere, that could cause a fuse to blow. Let me know what happens.

Tanya on 3/24/16 @ 4:32pm

I have seen and I have read lots of problems that sewers have with their machines, no matter the brand, and the main one is that THEY DO NOT CLEAN THEIR MACHINES AFTER THEY ARE DONE FOR THE DAY! Also, THEY DO NOT READ THE INSTRUCTION BOOK THAT COMES WITH THE MACHINE! They think that all machines are treated equal, and there lies the problem......

Stef Robertson on 6/30/16 @ 4:21pm

I am meticulous with the care and regular cleaning of my machine.....yet I have a Bernina 770 QE lemon

Gerri PYmm on 9/6/16 @ 3:13pm

I am having trouble with my Acufeed foot. The pins that hold the foot in place seem to pop up and cause a loud popping noise in the machine. Makes sewing very difficult. Seems to happen when machine goes over a large seam.

b.gottier on 9/6/16 @ 8:47pm

Hi Gerri. This isn't a problem that I've ever seen, but you might go to your local Janome dealer and ask if the foot or something else might be covered under warranty. It's certainly worth asking!

Julie Higgins on 12/15/16 @ 4:01pm

I have a 7700 purchased in January 2015. I hate it!!! I broke the straight stitch plate, the tension for quilting is always off, I've tried every thread that they make, I've even bought a blue dot bobbin case. It's now skipping. I don't know what to do. I'm a long time experienced seamstress and I bought this machine for the 11" throat. I'm so disappointed because everything I bought this machine for doesn't seem to be working. My quilt tops are piling up and sewing garments, I revert back to my Pfaff 7550.

b.gottier on 12/15/16 @ 6:15pm

Julie, I suggest finding a sewing machine technician that knows what they're doing, and have them service the machine. There's really no reason why you should be having any problems with your 7700. If you're close to our shop, let us service it. Our service price is currently $99.95, and we'll guarantee the service for 90 days.

LLynch on 2/7/17 @ 8:04am

I have a janome 8900qcp traded up from the 6600 got in june /15 worked fine at first but thru a code the screen went bright, it wouldn't sew & locked up. I took it in 2 my dealer 4 an "overhaul" however it's still skipping stitches & shredding thread on heaver fabric they told me it was my thread paid 127 to have this thing serviced don't know what to do found out others are having this issue

b.gottier on 2/7/17 @ 12:02pm

It sounds like you need to try a different sewing machine technician. While we're mostly all trained by the sewing machine manufacturers, our skill levels greatly vary.

Christie on 10/12/17 @ 4:56pm

I have a Janome 8900 that I purchased at a local dealer in 2015 and have broken two dual feed foot holder. I replaced the first one and now have broken the second one. I am hoping that some improvements have been made or that a different walking foot is available that will fit on this machine. I have had two other Janome's and they have been great. So far, this one has not been as easy to work with. Any suggestions?

b.gottier on 10/14/17 @ 8:27am

Christie, I've not had any customers come in with broken dual feed foot holders. It's very interesting that you've broken two. Do you still have them? It would be interesting to see what's going on. As for an alternative foot, I'm not aware that any exist.

Eileen on 8/15/19 @ 12:48am

This has also happened to me and my foot holder pops off pretty frequently, I am not happy with this. I have had one broken foot holder , now I am on my second. I have read on other forums and people have encountered this also, I don't believe this is a perfect system. I prefer my Janome 6600p, I have an Elna Excellence 760, same dual feed system as the Janome 8900.

lisa on 5/6/18 @ 12:16pm

I have a Janome 8900 that I traded my baby lock grace for it shreds thread and skips stitches since the day I bought it. I have been taking it back to the store regularly had it overhauled then it developed new issues , hitting the bobbin case and the needle plate , which when I took it back 2 months later I had to pay for. There are only two stores in my area and they share the same teck.

b.gottier on 5/7/18 @ 8:15am

I'm sorry to hear that. If you still have the original packaging, you may send the machine to us for service. One thing to consider is that when you speak of "shredding thread", it has been our experience that a thread net can help with this problem.

SUSAN BENNETT on 11/19/18 @ 2:53am

I purchased my 7700 Ruby Faced in January 2011. I've considered trading up but just can't part with this great machine. I especially like the AccuFeed walking foot. It's the reason I keep the machine! I've worked this machine a lot and am extremely happy with it.

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