Janome and Employees OK After Earthquake

Japan Earthquake - Janome OKTemecula Valley Sewing Center would like to pass on a message from Janome America, in which they let us know that Janome is OK after yesterday’s 8.9 earthquake. Having lived in earthquake territory all my life, when I heard that Japan had an earthquake of such great magnitude, I was immediately concerned for them. Here’s the note message we received from Janome:

We have received numerous calls and notes of concern for our Janome colleagues in Japan, and wanted to send you a quick note regarding the earthquake and tsunami.

We are very happy to report that all Janome personnel have weathered the incident without injury. In addition, Janome Tokyo headquarters and manufacturing facilities did not sustain any damage.

Communication systems and public transportation have been significantly effected, however, and it may be some time before capability is fully restored. We do have limited communication with our home office, and will keep you posted in the event of any developments.

We want to thank you for your concerns, thoughts, and prayers for our Japanese colleagues and their families – the sense of community throughout the Janome organization and its dealers, vendors and personnel around the world is one of our greatest assets.

Janome America, Inc.

Even though Janaome’s Japanese facilities and employees seem to be OK, we hope that God will bless all of the people of Japan, and that they will recover quickly from this terrible earthquake.

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