Janome Cherry Blossom Bobbins

Janome's Cherry Blossom Bobbins

Janome’s Cherry Blossom Bobbins

We are very happy to introduce a new product from Janome: Cherry Blossom Bobbins!

You may not know that Janome Tokyo celebrates its 90th Anniversary in 2011, and these special Cherry Blossom bobbins are available as a limited edition item to commemorate this milestone.

This set of 25 pink bobbins is packaged in a Janome-brand cherry blossom motif organizer for easy carrying and storage.

A short lesson on the special nature of Janome “J” bobbins:

Janome “J” bobbins are made of a special rubber and plastic combination which allows them to better hold threads, absorb machine vibration and reduce noise. Clear Janome “J” bobbins can be ordered any time from our sales team – and we’re especially happy to offer this beautiful pink version for a limited time.

Temecula Valley Sewing Center has ordered quantity of the bobbin sets and should have them within the next week.  Because these sets are limited, we will offer them on a first come, first served basis.  You may come into the store and reserve your set, with payment.  While we are not permitted to quote prices online, let me simply state that these nifty sets are actually less expensive than the regular, clear, Janome bobbins…and you get a really cool case to keep them in.

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penny sieling on 3/23/11 @ 1:39pm

I am interested in the thread stand for my Janome 7700. Do you carry this? I live on Maui and my options are limited. Also, should you have any of the Janome Cherry Blossom Bobbins available, I would also love 2 sets. I thank you for your time.
Mahalo nui loa from Maui

Mary Goomas on 3/24/11 @ 6:49am

Looking for information on purchasing the Cherry Blossom Janome bobbins. What is the cost and shipping fee to a Wisconsin address? My zip code is 53716. Is there any limit to how many I can purchase? Thank you, Mary

b.gottier on 3/24/11 @ 1:47pm

Ladies, you're going to need to call the shop regarding any pricing or availability on the Janome Cherry Blossom Bobbins, or any other accessories: (951) 694-9576

Betty Loomis on 4/24/11 @ 1:41pm

I would like a set of the Cherry Blossom Bobbins. I will call but wanted to be on the wait list if you have one.

Thanks, Betty
695 2221

Claire Blais on 10/13/12 @ 8:26am

Do you ship to Canada? I would love to order some Cherry Blossom bobbins - a couple of sets actually.

b.gottier on 10/15/12 @ 12:57pm

Claire, we are not allowed to sell Janome products to customers outside the USA, and our payment processing solution makes it impossible for us to collect payment. I'm so sorry!

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