Janome Digitizer MBX Software Update For Windows 8

Janome Digitizer MBX Embroidery SoftwareJanome has always been the best at keeping their embroidery software usable and up to date with new versions of the Windows operating system. While some sewing machine companies don’t offer the updates, we at Temecula Valley Sewing Center think that this is yet another reason to make Janome your choice for both your next embroidery machine and embroidery software.

I had never tried to install Janome MBX on a Windows 8 computer, but apparently it must not have worked, or did so poorly. Janome says, “Windows 8 users need to install a Windows 8 compatible dongle driver before installation of Janome Digitizer V4 software”. We’ve conveniently linked to it right here:

Download: Windows 8 Compatible Dongle Driver

Download: Support Notes (PDF)

We’d love to hear how Janome software is working for you. Leave us a comment below:

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Clarice Brown on 2/10/13 @ 10:05am

I was wondering if my Digitizer Pro MB V 3.0P would work on windows 8. I'm assuming the Digitizer MBX is a newer verson.

b.gottier on 2/11/13 @ 9:26pm

Clarice, I don't think that version will work with Windows 8. It couldn't hurt to try to install it and see what happens.

Damian on 7/25/15 @ 6:19pm

I had digitizer Jr. And it installed with no issues. I now have MBX... Yea...

Diana Dunn on 9/24/13 @ 3:21pm

Is the Windows 8 Compatible Dongle Driver good to use with the Elna 9600? Is it a "universal" driver compatible for all embroidery machines, or is it manufacturer specific? That is it will only support Janome? Thank you for any guidance you can provide.

b.gottier on 9/25/13 @ 9:24am

The dongle driver may not be just for Janome or Elna embroidery software, but I presume would work with any Aladdin HASP dongle. The reason why I say this is that we know Wilcom makes embroidery software for other sewing machine manufacturers, and the dongle driver is the same regardless of the brand that was applied to the product.

sue on 10/17/13 @ 10:27am

I have downloaded the windows 8 dongle but mine is still not working
it will only work my hubby computer with 7 windows really annoying when I use my computer all the time it just sits by the machine so I can use the Horizon link

b.gottier on 10/18/13 @ 3:48pm

Sue, I think you should go to your local dealer. Bring your computer, and have them troubleshoot the problem with Janome over the phone. I've been working with computers long enough to remember the days when things didn't just actually work instantly, and it seems you may have a similar issue. Since the new Windows 8 driver specifically works with Windows 8, and you are having problems with this O/S, there's probably just something simple that needs to be done, unless your computer itself has problems, and then you would have to clear those up first.

Lyn on 3/23/14 @ 11:48am

I am having the same problem, been using mbx 4 since jan 2013 on windows 8, a few days ago it would not launch, have uninstalled it and coral, install new dongle driver, re-installed MBX still not launching, it shows the start up panel and that is all.
Thinking of setting my computer back to factory settings.
It is working on my windows 7 computer, but it is so slow between each click.

Dodi Becker on 4/26/14 @ 7:56am

Do you know of a Digitizer MBX users group (hopefully online) where I could ask questions and possibly get some help? I doubt that my questions are too difficult -- it has become a hassle to get instruction (promised when I purchased) from my dealer. Perhaps there is a forum somewhere that may provide the information I need to accomplish my goals.

b.gottier on 4/30/14 @ 4:10pm

Hi Dodi,

Have you tried the Janome Forums? Here is the link:
Janome Forums

Susan on 2/3/15 @ 12:12am

Good day.
I am using Digitizer EX ver 4.0 with Sentinel Janome V4 dongle. I used the program yesterday and and at one point I went out of the program and when I opened it again only the startup screen appear and then freeze the laptop. I then have to restart the laptop to get out of the startup screen. I have tried to uninstall the software and reinstalling it but it still does not work.
Please advice

b.gottier on 2/6/15 @ 1:34am

Hi Susan. Unfortunately, there are too many factors involved, and too many possibilities in regards to things that may be wrong. Even a new computer may not meet the system requirements for your software, so that's a good place to start. Keep in mind that the system requirements on the box are just bare minimums. If you're sure your computer meets the system requirements, then you have to consider the overall health of the computer. Computers that malfunction can have operating system problems, problems with software conflicts, malware, hardware failing, etc, etc, etc. It's extremely difficult to diagnose and solve computer problems in the blog comment section of a website, so I recommend going to see your local Janome dealer. Perhaps they can help you.

jennie black on 5/12/16 @ 10:46am

My original dongle broke for digitizer pro broke. where can I get a replacement?

b.gottier on 5/12/16 @ 4:12pm

As far as I know Janome may offer a dongle replacement for their software products, but it isn't a free replacement. I say they may offer a dongle replacement because their software no longer requires a dongle, so I'm not sure if the dongle replacement option still exists. Go into your local Janome dealer for more information. By the way, I do believe you need the broken dongle to turn in to Janome, so hopefully you didn't throw it away.

jennie black on 5/12/16 @ 5:35pm

Thanks, will call the dealer I purchased it from.
And yes I still have the dongle , never throw anything away.

Robi on 7/17/17 @ 10:10pm

I have a Janome MB-4 with the digitizerPro V2.0 software. The dongle broke and I bought my machine online, not from a local dealer.
My question is, can I get it fixed or is it out of date and I need to purchase new software?
Thank you,

b.gottier on 7/20/17 @ 5:55pm

There is no dongle repair as far as I know. If you have all the pieces of the dongle, Janome may offer some sort of exchange. You might ask Janome directly via there website.

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