Janome MC10000 Warning & Machine Won’t Sew

MC10000 WarningIf you have a Janome Memory Craft 10000, and as soon as you try to sew it gives you an error message, then you’ll need to bring your machine in to your local Janome dealer for a repair.

This warning does not point to a single repair issue, but there are some common things that your dealer’s technician can do.

The error is clear:

! Warning
Is something stuck in the machine?
Is cloth too thick?
Is needle bent?
Check the above and restart.

In all the years that I’ve worked on Janome machines, I’ve had this issue with the MC10000 twice.  In fact, it had been so long since I’d seen this issue that I had to call Janome and ask for help to know what to check.

How to fix the machine:

First, I cleaned the machine and checked for binds. Since the warning message clearly indicates that the machine thinks it is jammed or bound up, it’s important to make sure the machine is rotating freely.

Next, Janome told me to look for loose or disconnected wires. There were none. Janome indicated that the problem was almost certainly the main motor. I happened to have a main motor in stock, so I decided to try that. When I installed the new motor and then plugged in the machine, the new motor worked!

There are some other things that could cause the warning to appear, such as a bad stepping motor or circuit board, but that would be extremely rare. If you have a Janome MC10000 with this warning, don’t worry about it, just take it to your local Janome dealer for repair.

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Jo on 7/4/14 @ 2:03am

I had this error on my janome 10001, and a new motor was installed and everything was ok.

Bonnie on 5/6/16 @ 6:05pm

I have 10001 and they are telling me they can not find the DC motor to fix it.....wish I knew where to get one..any suggestions.. Thanks

b.gottier on 5/6/16 @ 10:00pm

Hi Bonnie. Janome's part number for the motor unit is 003080270218. As of this moment, the Janome online ordering system for dealers shows that this motor unit is in stock. I am not allowed to give you a price online, but you can call we can tell you what it will cost.

Bobbie Jones on 7/8/14 @ 5:06pm

I was having trouble getting my Janome 350e to recognize designs that I had downloaded online onto my Apple laptop computer. My local Janome dealer was no help. After searching online for information I found Temecula Valley Sewing Centers Blog. I must say the information they provided is right on and they are extremely patient and helpful if you need to call them. I would highly recommend them as a Janome dealer even if they aren't your local store!

Kelly on 12/9/14 @ 2:26pm

I have this problem. I can usually get it to go away with just a little work (although it is VERY frustrating in the middle of a design). I've taken it to my Janome dealer and was charged $150 (for what I can't tell you). Then when the problem continued, he tells me it can't be fixed. Approximately how much does a new motor run? I'm wondering if it's worth sinking more money into, or just upgrading to a newer machine.

b.gottier on 12/11/14 @ 9:13pm

Hi Kelly. The motor should be less than $100.00, but depends on your dealer's markup. What they charge for installation may vary.

Sandy on 6/4/15 @ 2:01pm

My 10000 is in the shop now. First, the tension would not hold. The part came to fix that. $200.00 While still in the shop they tested it again, now the machine starts sewing real fast when the foot petal is pressed. According to Janome. that is the main board and will cost around $600.00. The machine had two separate problems. Do you know anything about these issues? Have you seen this happen? I don't know if I should have them order the part or not.

b.gottier on 6/4/15 @ 10:54pm

Hi Sandy. I've had to replace a couple of tension units in the many years that I've been working on sewing machines. I haven't heard of any Janome sewing machine sewing really fast, but if one of Janome's technicians suggested the replacement of the main board, then I suppose that's what should be done. I can't tell you whether or not it is worth it to spend the money fixing your machine, but I can ask you some questions that may help you make a decision.

1) Do you love the machine, and do you plan to sew on it for many years?

2) Do the repairs exceed what you think the value of the machine is?

3) Would you rather spend the money on a new machine?

Sandy on 6/5/15 @ 9:46am

Thank you for your help

Orsola on 6/12/15 @ 6:52pm

I have a Janome 9000 I was told that the A board is fried, and that they are not available anymore, is that true.

b.gottier on 6/12/15 @ 11:26pm

This is true. According to the Janome ordering system, the A board (part number 832554111) is no longer in stock. If it were you would probably fall over when hearing the price.

valerie on 7/27/15 @ 9:21am

I had MC10000. It had the warnings you display here. Janome technician said I need new motor and circuit board. He charged nearly 800 euros. He put in new circuit but for 10001v3. after several months trying to get this new machine to communicate with software, called in computer expert as Janome man not prepared to help Three designs later had exactly the same message displayed. Cannot get hold of Janome man here in France. Am nearly having nervous breakdown. What can I do?

b.gottier on 7/27/15 @ 11:24pm

Hi Valerie. Just like the article states, the solution is probably to replace the main motor. There's got to be a Janome repair person that is closer than me to you, so I recommend finding one and letting them know you want to have them replace the main motor. I don't know how many euros this will cost you, but we would normally charge about $150 USD.

valerie on 7/28/15 @ 6:54am

Sorry I didn't make it clear. He replaced both the circuit board
AND the motor, so why are the warnings still there?

b.gottier on 7/28/15 @ 10:48am

Well, if the machine is binding for some reason, or if something like the take-up linkage was assembled too tight, you could get an error like this. Although you might not be able to get to where you would need to look, if there looks like black wax coming out of one of the bushings, then it is probably burnt, and it would need to be replaced. Perhaps you were just the lucky one and got a replacement motor that was also defective.

If you were here in the United States you as a customer would always have the option of sending your machine to Janome America for service. It's really not that expensive. You might ask one of the Janome dealers in your region if you also have that option. A good technician rarely needs to send a machine to Janome, but sometimes they are the best option for diagnostics, because they have access to all of the parts right there in their warehouse.

I would never accuse another dealer of not knowing what they are doing, or ripping off a customer, but since you already gave a dealer a chance to fix the machine and they couldn't do it to your satisfaction, I'd suggest going to the next closest dealer and let them take a whack at it.

valerie on 7/29/15 @ 7:38am

I thought of sending the machine to janome in paris or uk first of all but neither would accept it without its original box nor would they supply a box! The nearest dealer is paris, but is too far away. I think it must be some other trouble like you suggest, because I didn't really think it was the motor or the circuit board, as it had had very little use. Think I shall have to go to a tribunal and try and get my money back. Thanks for trying to help it was very kind of you.

Sue C. on 10/9/15 @ 9:14am

Ooh, boy, I just finished reading these posts and now I'm really worried. I just bought a "used" MC10000 that appears to be brand new. I am not getting any error message, but the needle only "sews" in one spot. It does not move forward thru the fabric, nor does the needle move sideways to zigzag ..it just goes up and down in one spot. I checked the feed dogs. Please don't tell me this is the mother board or motor. Supposedly it was just serviced before I bought it. Hmmm. This us my first Janome so I would appreciate any suggestions. Thank you.

b.gottier on 10/10/15 @ 1:26pm

Sue, you ought to bring the machine to somebody that knows how to work it, such as a dealer, and ask them if they can check it for you. It should be easy to verify if the machine is working correctly. If it's not working correctly, then a Janome technician should be able to troubleshoot the problem.

Sue on 10/14/15 @ 3:26pm

Thanks for the suggestion. I am soooo relieved and happy to report that I dodged the bullet, lol. I started going through the manual, from step one. And then jumped to the third volume where I found a troubleshooter chart. I read about the machine not sewing if the bobbin post (on top, for filling the bobbin) was not in the right position. So I checked that out and kept pressing different stitches on the screen when all of a sudden it started sewing...backwards!! That was all well and good but I couldn't figure out how to make it go forward. I think I turned the machine off to reset it, and when I tried again, it sewed properly. Sewed I tried a bunch of different stitches and adjustments, and it's all good. This is such a wonderful machine and I have so much to learn about it, but for now I am so happy that it sews!!

Ann on 10/16/15 @ 2:33pm

hi, my machine says "Raise Presser Foot and Needle, and turn the power on again. #8. " I have done this many times. The message won't go away. I checked, there isn't anything stuck in the machine. Can you help.

b.gottier on 10/16/15 @ 8:05pm

Hi Ann. You're going to need to bring the machine to a Janome dealer for troubleshooting. It could just be something as simple as a fuse, but without having your machine in front of me (and possibly diagnosing the problem with Janome over the phone) it's impossible to tell you what's wrong with your machine.

mike warren on 11/7/15 @ 7:54pm

My wife's does this. I open the cover, push up on the foot, turn machine off and on, and within a couple of tries it works. I suspect a sensor problem and me jiggling it does something for it. Good Luck!

Josey on 12/30/15 @ 10:01pm

I just brought a Janome Memory Craft 10000 second hand, with heaps of extras. Lots of cards, and a card reader. I cannot get the card in for the eject button to come out, and so I connect the card reader and it still wont read a card. I brought it from a man, who knows nothing about it, because it belonged to his wife who is now deceased. I know it works because I saw samples of what she was sewing before she died. Maybe I am doing something wrong. Is there something that I have engaged that is blocking the reader?

Judith Linke on 4/26/16 @ 3:49am

My 350e is brand new and only used once. It is showing this error. Is there something stuck in machine? Is the needle bent? Is the fabric too thick?

b.gottier on 4/26/16 @ 10:56pm

Judith, if the machine is brand new, then you should definitely let your dealer fix it for you. Per the standard Janome warranty, they should be able to fix it for you for free. I doubt I could give you any advice that would help you fix it on your own, but go to your dealer. Part of what you get when you buy a new machine is a warranty, so use it!

alison on 11/21/16 @ 3:55pm

inherited janome mc10000. cannot get feed dogs to rise! followed books exactly!

b.gottier on 11/25/16 @ 9:44am

It sounds like you need to bring your machine in for service. Normally you would service the machine once a year, so if you haven't already serviced it, then now is the time.

Suzanne Radojcin on 7/2/17 @ 5:24pm

Have a Janome 10000 when trying to transfer embroidery design from computer a message come on the machine screen "memory error"

b.gottier on 7/4/17 @ 8:18am

Suzanne, if your design is too large that might happen. I've also seen that error if there is a picture in the background that wasn't deleted before sending it to the machine.

Carol Sharp on 12/18/17 @ 11:49am

Question - can I get a stitch regulator for my Janome MC 10000?

b.gottier on 12/19/17 @ 7:31am

Carol, Janome doesn't offer such a thing.

Emmy Ziegler on 3/7/18 @ 7:25am

Hi! I wonder if there's hope. I have a beloved Janome 10000, upgraded to 10001. I have been getting an 02 message. It tells me to raise the needle bar and the presser foot, but it IS raised. I redo that, and turn off the machine and on again. It does a jiggle with the embroidery unit piece and seems to be coming from the needle bar. I've taken it to two dealers, but it hasn't done it in their presence. It's sporadic, but becoming more and more frequent. I love this machine, but don't know anymore where to take it. I've filmed what it does, so that i can actually show it to the dealer (who is one hour away). Honestly, I don't think either dealer is very competent on this, or they just want me to buy another machine. I also have another beloved machine, the Elna 7000. I had it repaired once, and the motherboard was (expensively) replaced. Now, the needle thread and bobbin thread do not engage. So, any help with these two issues will be appreciated. A lot of money has been invested in the ancillary features for both machines. Thank you.

b.gottier on 3/7/18 @ 9:35pm

There is a sensor that tells the machine if the foot is up or down. It sounds like the sensor needs a fine adjustment, or that it might need to be cleaned/replaced. If your machine was in my shop, that's where I'd start.

Pholly Santos on 6/22/18 @ 10:28pm

can help me my machine is wrong please can help me. warning raise presser foot and needle bar then turn power on again

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