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Janome Thread CutterJanome offers a number of sewing machines and embroidery machines that have automatic thread cutters. An automatic thread cutter is a very nice feature to have on a machine. Sometimes you can program the machine to automatically cut the thread after locking a stitch, between thread changes, etc. In most cases, you will operate the thread cutter with the touch of a button, just because you want to cut your threads.

Along with other modern functions, the thread cutter is a time saver, and once you start using it, it turns into a “must have” feature. Thread cutters will generally allow you to cut both top and bottom threads, with the touch of a button, and continue sewing instantly. I’ve always been one to hold my threads when I start to sew, but this is not required after using the thread cutter.

For as great and reliable as most thread cutters are, there can be times when they give our customers a hard time. The purpose of this blog post is not just to introduce you to thread cutters, but share how they can be maintained for optimal performance.

Performance Issues

If you own a sewing machine with an automatic thread cutter, you may experience issues with its performance. The automatic cutter may have stopped working, or perhaps the cutter works intermittently, but does not work every time. This problem is almost always associated with the thread cutter being clogged with lint. The design of Janome’s automatic thread cutters are fairly simple, but just like a pair of scissors that won’t cut because the blades are loose, lint stuck between an automatic thread cutter’s blades can also keep it from cutting.

This week I worked on a few Janome professional series machines (6500P and 6600P). I took some pictures while I was working on one of them, so you can see the thread cutter. I know that most of you will use a lint brush to keep your sewing machine clean, so make sure to clean the thread cutter as best you can. Q-Tips and tweezers can really help.

The Location of Janome’s Thread Cutter

First, find the thread cutter by taking the needle plate off. You can see it towards the back and left of the hook. There was a lot of lint stuck in the one in the picture below.

Janome Thread Cutter With Lint

See the Complete Thread Cutter Assembly

Next, I removed the side cover, so you can see the entire thread cutter. There’s a hole in the bottom of the machine, and it allows access to a single screw that holds the side cover on. The cutter is probably a lot bigger than you would expect. It’s held in with two screws.

Janome Thread Cutter With Side Cover Removed

Cleaning and Oiling The Thread Cutter

I removed the two screws that are holding in the thread cutter, and now you can see the thread cutter outside the machine. I extended the cutter so that I could clean it. I used an air compressor to blast out the lint, and then I cleaned and oiled the cutter before re-installing it.

Janome Thread Cutter Removed From Machine

Now would be a really good time to emphasize that you should consider servicing your sewing machine annually, and if you sew a lot then twice a year. As a Janome dealer, we’ve been to many technical trainings over the years, and know a lot about the machines. Little things like proper lubrication, proper cleaning, and fine tuning can keep your sewing machine sewing like new for many years. If you don’t do the regular maintenance, not only can your machine have problems, but the normal wear and tear increases.

Janome Thread Cutter Extended


Thread cutters are a wonderful feature on modern sewing machines. They’re a time saver and a luxurious function to have. Sometimes there are performance issues, but if you’re adventurous, you can probably clean and oil your thread cutter.

If you’d like to make sure your thread cutter is cleaned and oiled correctly, bring your machine in to Temecula Valley Sewing Center, or take it to your local Janome dealer.

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Reader Comments (18)

Ann Herrick on 5/31/15 @ 2:02pm

Brian, Thank you for such an informative article! I really learned a lot! Ann

Judy Holley on 7/3/15 @ 4:28pm

What an interesting and informative article. The pictures were great.

b.gottier on 7/3/15 @ 7:30pm

Thanks Judy!

storyteller on 9/8/15 @ 11:11am

Fabulous! I'm going to go clean mine right now!

storyteller on 9/8/15 @ 12:05pm

Can I purchase a blade for my Janome 6500? I have no dealer. Mission, texas

b.gottier on 9/11/15 @ 8:46am

Yes, you'd need to call the store (951) 694-9576.

Kathy on 9/10/16 @ 10:11am

Why does my needle jump up and down one extra time when I use the thread cutter? If I have my needle set over for 1/4" seam ,the needle will jump back to center and go down and up once. This could be disastrous if I had a zipper in there or didn't want to have the needle going down again.

b.gottier on 9/10/16 @ 12:33pm

Some thread cutters are mechanically driven, which means the cutting action is driven by the rotation of the sewing machine's lower shaft. It sounds like you have this type of thread cutter. If you don't like this, you might consider getting one of the Janome machines that has an electronic motor that drives the cutting action.

Simone on 10/5/16 @ 5:13am

where do you oil the threadcutter usually?

b.gottier on 10/5/16 @ 2:58pm

The thread cutter is oiled when it is removed from the machine during a service. It's really not possible to clean and oil the thread cutter unless it is removed from the machine.

Hope on 1/20/17 @ 6:06pm

Last year my young niece was using my machine. I think she allowed the fabric to get sucked down into the machine when she was starting a quilting block. She tried to pull the fabric back out and basically hit every button she could think of trying to release the fabric. By the time she called me over to help she had damaged the thread cutter. I took my machine in for servicing. It had recently been cleaned so he just worked on fixing it. He said he could fix it without ordering a new part. It worked for a while, but would occasionally hang up. Now it doesn't work at all. From your article it appears this would be a simple part to just purchase and replace. I'm comfortable giving it a try but wondered if there are any tips that I should know ahead of time.

b.gottier on 1/21/17 @ 10:38am

Hope, you're right that it is an easy piece to install. Depending on the model you have, there are either 2 or 4 screws holding in the thread cutter. Take the old one out, put the new one in, and you should be good to go.

Ruth Tower on 4/22/18 @ 12:00am

My Memory Craft 6600 is showing a message on the screen to press the thread cutter button. The button is flashing. On pressing the button the cutter operates however the screen message and flashing button return. The machine cannot be operated. Any suggestions welcome

b.gottier on 4/22/18 @ 10:13am

Ruth, you ought to check to see if any of the buttons on the machine are stuck in. If you have a button stuck in, you might experience weird things like this. Beyond that your only real option is to have a qualified sewing machine technician take a look at the machine. To me it sounds like it is circuit board related.

Ruth Tower on 4/22/18 @ 11:26pm

Thankyou for the response. It isn't a stuck button. We live in a hot tropical climate which can do things to circuit boards so that is quite possible. Will get it to a technician shortly and post the outcome

wilton mcpherson on 8/4/19 @ 8:14am

i need to replace the automatic theard cutter blade in my wifes jonome mc500e. i can not find the part or part number for the blade. can you help with this. thanks

Marsha Picken on 9/19/19 @ 4:56pm

Hi I am very new to sewing and just today got my Janome MC6650. I find the thread cutter cuts the thread right at the needle so that I have to pull the thread through and hold it with my hand or else it pulls the thread out of the needle every time I try to sew. I saw you mentioned that you can just continue sewing without holding the thread...if I do that it pulls the thread right out. Is there an adjustment or setting I need to do? Any help would be appreciated.

Jordan Sisk on 9/29/19 @ 11:37am

I took apart my 6600p because the thread cutter had fully seized and I seem to have misplaced the screw that holds the side cover panel on the machine - do you know the part number or where I might get another screw for it?

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