Janome’s Memory Craft 9400 QCP Extension Table is AWESOME!

Janome 9400 Slide TableIf you take sewing or quilting classes, do you sometimes want to bring your extension table, but you don’t because you would have to remove the legs and it’s too much trouble? Or, do you leave the legs attached and they keep catching on things or you break one off? Ultimately, you leave that wonderful extension table at home and struggle with your large or bulky project grumbling all the while.

The extension table that is included with Janome’s Memory Craft 9400 QCP has quick release legs. The legs install and release with a twist. A permanently attached socket screws to the extension table, and the legs slip right into the socket with little effort.

Another thing that is different about the 9400’s extension table is that it is flat. Many extension tables have a curved edge, and in a lot of cases this is due to the shape of the sewing machine’s body. Not the 9400; the shape of the body has been made with the extension table in mind, giving you a wonderfully large surface to sew on.

You will not be disappointed with the new Janome MC9400 QCP or its newly designed extension table. Research, development, and feedback are all part of what makes a modern sewing machine’s features and benefits important to us, and the 9400 is going to be the perfect choice for many. Come into Temecula Valley Sewing Center and let us show you the awesomeness of the the new Janome Memory Craft 9400 QCP.

Some photos we took this morning of our Janome 9400:

Janome 9400 Sewing Machine

The Memory Craft 9400 QCP with extension table. Notice how large and flat the table is.

Janome 9400 Table - Overhead View

An overhead shot of the extension table, also showing the generous lighting that comes with the 9400.

Janome 9400 Table Closeup

This closeup shot show how perfectly flat the sewing surface is for you to sew on.

Janome 9400 Quick Release Table Legs

The extension table is flipped over, and you can see a couple of legs that have been installed

Janome 9400 Quick Release Table Leg

This last photo shows one of the legs that has been removed from the table. Notice the socket is still attached.

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