Janome’s New Limited Edition DC2015 Sewing Machine

Janome DC2015 Limited Edition Sewing MachineAt the beginning of each year since the year 2007, Janome has introduced a limited edition machine with an abundance of features and aptly named the machine DC (plus the appropriate year.) Until 2014, nothing much had changed about the machine…except its color. These machines have been offered over the internet and in brick and mortar stores since Janome introduced its first limited edition machine, the Heart Truth, in 2007. Although the machines are offered to the masses, this dealership has strived to offer a personal touch when marketing the machines both to local customers and out of state customers.

For the year 2015 things changed. Yes, Janome changed the color of the machine. This year, the DC2015 is white with red accents, but the DC2015 machine is entirely different…different in a good way.

The new Janome New Home DC2015 has a more current footprint than its older siblings, contains ten additional stitches than its predecessors, sports a far better needle threader than before, and has a new and more efficient way accessing stitches than the limited editions in years past.

Unlike its predecessors, the Janome New Home DC2015 has a round button on the front of the machine with up & down arrows, and side-to-side arrows. Not only are you able to access stitches one-at-a-time with the up/down arrows on that round button, but by moving the cursor “left”, with the help of the arrows located on that round button on the front of the machine, you may access stitches in increments of 10. The cursor may also be moved beneath the “stitch width” and/or “stitch length” numbers to increase or decrease the length or width of your desired stitch. For 2015, the feed-dog system has changed and this year the machine may be operated with or without the standard foot controller.

The DC2015 sports the new “easy set” bobbin system that allows the sewist to cut the bobbin thread before covering the bobbin and the machine comes standard with a hard cover. It doesn’t get much better than that, except that it actually does; there are more changes that you will love. Check out our Janome DC2015 Sewing Machine product page, or come in to Temecula Valley Sewing Center and try it out!

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Sherry Beeson on 9/7/16 @ 4:44pm

Hi, Thanks for the article...do you know if they will coming out with a DC2016?

b.gottier on 9/8/16 @ 10:31am

Yes, there is one: NQM 2016

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