New Arrival – Janome New Home 2030DC Sewing Machine

Temecula Valley Sewing CenterJanome 2030DC Sewing Machine received an email from Janome this afternoon, announcing the arrival of a new sewing machine, the JNH2030DC.

While we haven’t actually seen the machine in person, but it looks very much like the DC1050. In fact, a quick overview of the sell sheet that Janome sent to us makes the 2030DC look like a DC1050 with 20 missing stitches. The price of the 2030DC is quite a bit higher than the DC1050, so there has to be something special about the machine. Perhaps it is coming with extra feet, a different type of shank, more accessories, or something fun. We’ll let you know when we find out!

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Ben Levine on 9/13/11 @ 2:11pm

I would like to buy this sewing machine but can't find a price anywhere. How much is it?

b.gottier on 9/13/11 @ 7:39pm

Ben, you won't find the price, or be able to buy the machine online, because this is not a model that Janome allows dealers to sell on the internet. You'll have to call or go in to your local Janome dealer to get a price.

Chris on 12/13/12 @ 8:57pm

I bought mine at a dealer for $599. I love it!

Gina Myrmel on 1/10/13 @ 11:21am

I bought mine for $499.99. The salesman in Faribault, MN. spent over an hour with me explaining as much as I had time for. For me, this is the best machine and his shop is 8 blocks from my house. He's the best salesman I've known and I won't buy from any other sewing machine shop. I haven't spent much time with it yet, but we're on to a great start.

john on 5/31/13 @ 8:20pm

I bought mine for 400 bucks. I cant stop staring at it. I bought it to make puppets and Halloween costumes.

mike on 11/7/16 @ 9:49am

where did you buy the 2030 for 400 bucks at???

Linda on 4/5/14 @ 8:23am

I bought mine from a dealer yesterday. Original price, $599 got it for $399 on sale.

Joyce Sandvoss on 4/26/14 @ 5:37pm

I did buy my sewing machine from my local dealer in Florida where we live 3 months a year. I brought it back home to western NY & I can't even remember how to thread it. I have tried looking online for an instruction book but can't find the right place. Is there a place I can get instructions online? I bought the 2030DC machine. I would appreciate any information you can give me. I have found some utube instructions but cannot find them for my machine.

b.gottier on 4/30/14 @ 4:09pm

Hi Joyce,

Download the 2030DC instruction manual here:
2030DC Instruction Manual

Cesar Ramirez on 6/21/14 @ 2:20pm

Looking to buy this machine. I'm at a homeschooling convention this weekend and they have a show special with a sewing 101 course as I'm new to sewing. Please advise if this is a good deal or should I go through a local dealer?

b.gottier on 6/25/14 @ 12:13pm

I would say you have better options in that price range.

Cesar Ramirez on 6/21/14 @ 2:24pm

Sorry the price for just the machine is $489 and with course it's $529

Maggie P on 10/8/14 @ 7:37pm

I love my Janome 2030QDC.. I bought it from a dealer 2 years ago. I use it quite a bit. I can't find out if I can use a twin needle in it. Can you answer that for me please ?

b.gottier on 10/15/14 @ 11:36pm

Maggie, you can use a twin needle in this machine, just don't set the zig zag past the point where it will break the twin needle.

Betty on 1/15/16 @ 1:07pm

Is the 2030 a current model of a Janome sewing machine? How does it compare with the Platinum Jem 760?

b.gottier on 1/17/16 @ 9:28am

Yes, the 2030 is a current model, and considered a light-weight machine. Janome's Jem 760 is smaller, has more stitches, and in my opinion is actually more heavy duty than the 2030. If it were my decision, I'd get the 760 if you're looking for a smaller sewing machine.

Betty on 1/21/16 @ 4:16am

I am debating between these same 2 machines, could you give me some pros n cons about each of them? My Janome dealer pushes the 2030 n doesn't even have the 760 in her shop so can't try them both out

Marilee Hawkins on 2/3/16 @ 7:54pm

I am researching the Janome DC 2030 for use as a lightweight take along machine for classes and club sew meetings, and came across this blog. I have to say I am a strong Janome machine lover. I have the 6300 pro that I use for my heavier sewing projects and for quilts. Then I have my Janome 11000 for embroidery and specialty sewing. Love both of these machines but they are heavy to haul around. I agree with your comments about buying from your local dealer. In addition to getting hands on experience with the machine before you buy, having a trustworthy dealer to answer your questions is invaluable. Plus they usually include classes on mastering your machine, which are also wonderful. I have sewn for more than 50 years, and still learn new things every time I attend a class. The only reason I am researching on line is because I have moved and haven't established a new local dealer for my machines, so I am dealing long distance with my previous dealer, whom I dearly loved and miss.

b.gottier on 2/3/16 @ 11:48pm

Marilee, I suggest looking at the Jem 720 or Jem 760. I think you'd be a lot happier with one of these than the DC 2030.

Cindy T. on 2/28/16 @ 5:32am

I just won a 2030DC at a quilt show! Still in the box. I've been researching to compare to the 1050, which I've owned for a year. Besides 20 more stitch options, there doesn't seem to be any more "bells & whistles", so I might just sell it.
I started off with a Jem as my travel machine, but really missed the needle down function as well as the ability to move the needle over (stitch width). I have been extremely happy with my move up to the 1050.

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