New Blue Janome Bobbins

Blue Janome Sewing Machine BobbinsLast year Janome introduced pink “Cherry Blossom” bobbins, and while the new blue ones don’t have a fancy name, they are very nice looking. Having just attended a Janome dealer’s meeting where these bobbins were introduced, we placed our order, and received a few dozen packs.

Just like the pink bobbins, the blue ones come in a set of 25, inside a nice little case. The case says “Blue” on it, and there is a graphic of 2 light blue butterflies.

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Celestine on 10/21/12 @ 6:55am

Thank you for the lovely photo!

Is there one bobbin for all machines? MC/Horizon

b.gottier on 10/23/12 @ 5:07pm

Hi Celestine. With the exception of the 1600P machines and the MB4, all Janome machines take the same bobbin.

Elmer Crisp on 11/11/12 @ 5:19pm

Where can these blue Jamome Bobbins be purchased. Have several ladies interested.

b.gottier on 11/16/12 @ 3:42pm

Hi Elmer, You can buy the new blue bobbins at Temecula Valley Sewing Center (951) 694-9576

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