New Janome 900CPX Cover Stitch Machine

Janome 900CPX Cover Stitch MachineJanome sent Temecula Valley Sewing Center an email today, announcing the arrival of a new 900CPX cover stitch machine. At this time, Janome doesn’t even have this model listed on their website, but they sent us some information, and I’m going to relay that to you, so just keep reading.

The Janome 900CPX will perform a double needle cover stitch. If you want a triple needle cover stitch, you’ll want to take a look at the 1000CP or 1000CPX models. The current internet price for the 900CPX is $399.00.

The Easiest Threading System You’ve Ever Seen

Upper needle threading is color coded, easy to see, and smooth. But it’s the lower looper that will really make you smile. It’s the easiest ever! Simply pull the thread through, push the looper closed, and you’re ready to stitch. Threading the 900CPX is not like threading a serger, in fact, it’s probably easier to thread than your sewing machine.

Quick Reference Chart

Located on the front of the machine for easy access, a full color reference guide helps you adjust for a soft or tighter stitch without consulting the manual. The chart clearly displays available stitches, and shows the tension settings for both soft and tighter seams.

Seam Tightening System (STS)

Janome’s exclusive Seam Tightening System™ employs a spring instead of the looper thread tension dial to reduce slack in the looper thread. This allows for a tight, flat, and sturdy stitch on thick fabrics, and a looser stitch on fabrics that require more flexibility.

Free Arm Configuration

Finish sleeves, cuffs, waistbands and other hard-to-reach seams faster and with better handling.

Extra Large Bed Space with Easy Access

The largest sewing space available anywhere: 4” x 5.5” (100mm x 143mm). Such generous space means you can actually make a cover stitch in the middle of a garment. What other cover stitch machine have you seen that can do that?

I think it’s hard to beat the quality and price of the Janome 900CPX. As long as you don’t want or need a triple needle cover stitch machine, this 900CPX is sure to make you happy, and it’s here just in time for Christmas! Buy one now by going to our 900CPX page.

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