New Janome Digitizer Jr. Workbook Available – FREE

Janome Digitizer Jr V3Good news for Janome Digitizer Jr. Owners! Janome has decided to distribute a FREE 80-page, fully-illustrated workbook that will give you a comprehensive overview of Digitizer Jr. It is written in an easy-to-follow lesson format, and includes helpful hints throughout.

Janome America received the files for this book from their friends at Janome Australia. Although the resolution on a few of the images is a little low, Janome said that we could distribute the entire workbook as a digital file. Temecula Valley Sewing Center decided that our blog was a perfect place to do that, so we are making the workbook available as a download.

Janome was very excited to distribute this book at no charge. We are sure that it will provide you with what you need to use all of the features of Digitizer Jr. You will need Adobe Reader, or a program that opens PDF documents to use the workbook.

In case you don’t know what Digitizer Jr. is, Digitizer Jr. is a embroidery software product that allows you to modify, combine, and enhance embroidery designs, and even does some limited auto-digitizing of embroidery designs. The program has some fonts in it, but it also brings in TrueType fonts that are in your computer. Designs can be easily transferred to your embroidery machine with a USB stick or design card. More details can be found on the Janome website.

Download (~18.7 MB):

Click here to download (PDF)

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Elaine on 12/31/10 @ 1:38pm

I am so grateful to you for making this available to everyone. I printed it out and it will come in very handy when I get my Dig Jr.

b.gottier on 1/3/11 @ 12:15am

Glad to be of service :D

Karen bilton on 11/13/15 @ 8:22am

I tried to print the book out but it's on PDF , I need a Word doc or similar.

b.gottier on 11/13/15 @ 1:35pm

Hi Karen. You'd need to download and install Adobe Reader,

Linda on 2/2/12 @ 7:40pm

It's about time. I got my Digitizer Jr with my Memory Craft 11000SE in October and have not been able to figure out much of it so far. I have been getting very frustrated and upset that there are no directions to go along with it. Thanks, this will help tremendously. Linda

b.gottier on 2/3/12 @ 10:37am

Linda, this article was posted in November of 2010. You just needed to find the blog a little sooner!

Annette on 10/9/12 @ 2:47am

Do you know if the notebook Janome Digitizer Jr 4.0 is already available? And were can I find it. Thanks.

Gayle Stevens on 9/20/12 @ 9:42am

I have lost the dongle for my Janome digitizer. Calls to Janome advised this would be $1,000. to replace. I find this exhorbitant and cannot believe I am the only one who has experienced this. I was not told of its importance by the dealer(now out of business).
This has totally eliminated my use of the digitizer to my great disappointment.
Any suggestions? Thanks.

b.gottier on 10/11/12 @ 1:43pm

Hi Gayle. Unfortunately, because the dongle is kind of like your license to use the software, if you lose it there's nothing Janome will do. I don't think they can prove that you purchased the software, but even if they can, it's their decision. I don't know if it's still true, but Bernina used to replace broken dongles for $100.00. Bernina doesn't offer replacement dongles if they are lost.

Cynthia W on 12/1/12 @ 10:10am

My dealer recommended I purchase insurance to cover my software in case of loss or damage or theft.

b.gottier on 1/3/13 @ 9:33am

Did you buy the insurance?

Terry VanDerAa on 2/28/14 @ 2:40am

What is the advantage of upgrading to a more advanced digitizing software. I tried to find the differences in the software but was unsuccessful. Thank you so much for making this manual available. My sewing center was not forthcoming with this. I was told there was none available.

b.gottier on 3/1/14 @ 4:07pm

In the latest Digitizer upgrade, the major difference is the change in auto digitizing and the way images are imported into the software. The new software uses Corel Draw, which is a semi-professional graphics program. What version of Digitizer do your currently own?

olimpia dean on 3/3/14 @ 12:53pm

Just I bought Janome Digitizer Jr v4 and I want to ask if this workbook for v3 is good for me.Does it help me ? I don't want to print and to the end to realize that is not good for v4.

Jennifer B on 3/29/14 @ 4:27pm

Can I add my own true type fonts into the Digitizer Jr version 3 and how can I do it? I'm having no luck at all figuring it out. Thanks for any help I can get!

Rebecca on 12/17/14 @ 5:40pm

I am trying to figure out the same thing. did you ever figure it out?

Inna on 1/30/15 @ 11:29am

I too am trying to figure this out! Did you ladies have any luck?

Ericka on 5/7/15 @ 2:54pm

I'm trying to figure out the font too! NO luck so far :( PLEASE HELP!

Favy on 8/8/15 @ 7:39pm

Are you trying to use TTF that you found or purchased? If so, download and save it on your computer. I have a folder in my docs that I save them into. Then open the folder, unzip (extract) the font if its zipped. Then right click and choosr "install" the next time you restart the computer and the software the font will be available to use. Realize thst TTF's don't always come out well in digitizing programs without some tweaking. Good luck!

Janice Smith on 7/1/15 @ 10:49am

I brought my 2nd Janome machine. I have had trouble working everything out but slowly getting there. I brought my Janome embroidery machine about two weeks ago and glad I found this information. After reading the above comments I have decided to save the file rather than print it as I have noticed the questions have not yet been answered I have a Digitizer Jr version 4.5

Hazel on 7/11/15 @ 5:49am

Thank you

Christina on 11/4/15 @ 10:01pm

I'm an artist. With this software could I embroider my own designs if I save the images to my computer?

b.gottier on 11/5/15 @ 3:19pm

Hi Christina. If you want to scan and have a software product that automatically turns your scanned design into embroidery, then you would need Janome's Digitizer MBX software.

Karen bilton on 11/11/15 @ 11:21pm

I have Janome 4.5 digitizer; will the booklet be of any use to me if I print it out? Thanks

Rosemarie Walker on 8/22/16 @ 12:22am

How can I use my TTF with Digitizer EXjr v5.0? Regards

Priscilla on 10/6/16 @ 5:03am

Please advise where can I get a copy of the workbook for Digitizer Jr Version 4.0

Priscilla.naicker on 4/20/17 @ 9:38am

Please where I can get a copy of the workbook for ditiziter version 4.0?

aneesh on 11/21/16 @ 12:03pm

i purchase digitizer jr v5 ,but i dont get any dongle why


b.gottier on 11/25/16 @ 9:43am

Dongles are obsolete technology.

Jordy on 3/30/17 @ 4:07pm

Hello everyone, I hope you help me. I lost my Digitizer Jr. v4 CD and I only have the original dongle. I was hoping if you can help me and send a copy of the CD. Thank you.

dorothy on 8/27/18 @ 7:32am

will this work with the Mac book pro laptop ?

b.gottier on 8/27/18 @ 1:31pm

I don't think so. As far as I know, the Digitizer Jr. software is only for Windows. That's actually true for most embroidery software, as a good portion of it is all made by the same company.

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